What's your style?

October 7, 2010

I'll admit to the occasional bout of "style envy".  A practical, no-frills sort of a person, I sometimes linger longingly in magazines and dream of a perfect all white scheme, the beach-house look or a french country farmhouse.  But when it comes down to decision time in a new build, a blank canvass ready for you to wave your artistic brush and create an inspired yet welcoming space, how do you define YOUR style and stay true to it without becoming lured by fad and overwhelmed by choice?
At times of crisis such as this, there's really no choice other than to turn to everyone's good friend google, who served up this little gem - a style quiz!
It might be American, but I thought it was a bit of fun all the same, with lots of pretty pics.
There's 7 "lifestyles" on offer; Loft, Glamour, Estate, Metro, Country House, Global & Villa.
Follow the link and don't be afraid to share your style.

I'm Metro - no surprises there!

3 comments :: thanks for sharing!:

Jazz and Brett said...

We are twins! Metro too!

Reinsey said...

No wonder I love your house and all your funky stuff so much jazz!!

Janine Kimberley said...

Oh well, I am Estate - don't totally agree - don't like antique furniture, but do love comfortable couches with pillows and that warm cozy feeling!!

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