Enough already!

October 30, 2011

Have you ever seen anything like this endless, unrelenting rain? I think we now have Lake Cranbourne in our backyard.

If I can just work out how to teach the four-legged children to wipe their feet on their way inside...  :)

A cushy job

October 27, 2011

I've been collecting green & brown cushions for a couple of years now (I know Janine - why was I having an orange splashback???) and they're all sitting happily on the family room couch.  It's not that big a collection, coz it's gotta be juuuust the right green.  You know??

10 bonus points to anyone who noticed "Ramsay" in that last collage.  He fair dinkum poses for the camera.  Complete dag of a dog :)

Bit of a fan of this room.  Just need (to agree on) some artwork for above the couch and fix my own artwork on the fireplace wall (that painting tape NEVER gives me a clean edge) and it's done!
I love living here :)

Afternoon Tea recipe for the domestically challenged

October 25, 2011

Take 1 quick trip to the local bakery
Add 2 fellow chatterboxes
Plus 3 cups of coffee
and settle in for the afternoon

It just doesn't get much better I tells ya :)

Brown & green should never be seen

October 23, 2011

But I disagree!

Am l.o.v.i.n.g. all the greeny brown-ness at our place right about now.

I'm trying to  keep to the same tones; Jasper brown & Plantain green throughout.

We're about half way through painting the fences Jasper too.

So I think I've changed my mind about brown (but shhhhhh...don't tell Loz I said so)

p.s. those three tealights are on the fireplace wall.  Yep, it's Jasper!

Sheer yumminess

October 14, 2011

We had our sheers installed in our master bedroom a few weeks ago but with the weather being so blah of late they haven't really had a chance to show off.

Until today;

Mmmmm...they look all soft and romantic like.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE living here :)
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