Our Display

"Urban" facade displayed @ The Rise, Lyndhurst

Lounge @ Lyndhurst
We'll bump the window out to the eaves & use this as our theatre with the addition of sliding double doors, soundproofing and a bulkhead around 3 walls to add a bit of interest.  Maybe even LED lighting - $ dependant.

Lounge @ Tarneit
Same room but how different does it look?  Loving the rendered blueboard wall outside the window.

Family/Rumpus @ Tarneit
We were originally making a few changes here, but we were unable to locate the fireplace we wanted on an external wall and still comply with 5 star rating, so we had to choose between no heater, having the TV high above a square fireplace, or the one here.

Ensuite @ Lyndhurst
Spa = standard
Basins with nice taps = standard
Double shower with 2 shower heads = standard
AND, the toilet has a door!

Ensuite @ Tarneit
The frrestanding bath is interchangeable with the spa.  Tempting, but the spa wins.

Master Bedroom @ Tarneit
Not having that strange walk through wall thing, but the sliding door is a definite.  I love love love this room.

Alfresco view @ Tarneit
That ugly brown wall will be lined with Loz's favourite possessions - books.  1,000's of them!

Kitchen @ Tarneit
Such a great layout.  Cooktop in the island bench.  Undermount sink in front of the window.  An oven that I can reach without bending.  No butlers pantry - but I don't have a butler anyway :)

Kitchen @ Tarneit
Love the raised Caesarstone

Kitchen @ Lyndhurst
A bit boring compared to the now closed Tarneit display.

Kitchen @ Lyndhurst
Our sea elephant spice splashback should add some much needed colour here.

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