A little more progress

March 31, 2011

We're in week 3 of framing, and slowly but surely the team of 2 are making progress.

Front door frame is in.   If I put a door mat down do you think the tradies would wipe their feet?

How do they even know where to start?   Note the gorgeous sunset reflected on our trusses.

Still a fair bit of work to do, but she's starting to take shape.  Maybe the framers will finish this week? A few windows are yet to go in.  Theatre and laundry door heights to be rectified.  Bulkhead to theatre & kitchen to be built, as is the fireplace wall and floating wall in the master bedroom. Plus more roof stabilising and preparation for tiles.  With that list, I'm thinking it might still be another 2 weeks! Impatient much?

Through the looking glass

March 27, 2011

EVENTUALLY I picked up on Deb's hint that we'd better get our backsides down to the block to check out some unexpected progress;

We had NO idea that our front windows were going to be a single pane.  Love them!

Considering I took about 200 piccies today, I think I've been fairly restrained just putting 2 up here!!

Our most excellent framer told us that there was a bit of an issue with 2 of the trusses, so he's done all he can on the roof until new ones are delivered.  If these come on Monday, he thinks he'll be done and dusted by Wednesday, with gutter and fascia to follow straight on from that.

Random housedness

March 23, 2011

I'm LOVING this stage of the build, Every day (or at least every visit) there's something new to get excited about. Last night we found;

...that our windows has been delivered on site, as had...

...the front door frame + laundry door frame (we think), and...
...roof trusses.  This is just 1 stack of them.  Big house we're building Loz.  Which now looks like...
 And by the time we stopped frolicking, and proudly showing off our frame to Emilio & Amy, it was getting dark.  So for the first time we saw...
...our gorgeous street light all lit up.
It's getting harder and harder to leave each visit.  It already feels like home.  Might be a bit cold at night though, so I'll wait until we have at least a roof before we (read I) camp out!!!!!

Avenue Anniversary

March 22, 2011

It's around 12 months ago that the first stages of our estate titled, so I thought I'd do a little tribute in its honour.  Watching this all grow from paddock to a thriving little community has been a fantastic experience.  We've met some wonderful people - future neighbours - and we can't wait until we also share that 3977 postcode. 


Hopefully the next Nearmap update won't be too far away.  We might even see our slab (or frame) in the next one!

Frame..I'm gunna live forever

March 19, 2011

...baby remember my name (remember, remember, remember) That was for you Tonia!!

I do this lame thing where I close my eyes when we're getting close to the block (when Loz drives that is) building up the suspense like a kid of Christmas Day.  When we pulled up our driveway, this was waiting for us!

Come on in
Front bedrooms
Master sliding door - floating feature wall to come.
Theatre with lovely lowered feature window
Theatre entry.  Those with a keen eye will notice the standard door height.  Hmmm.  "Hello SS".
The dream kitchen with dead sexy splashback window.
View from the back yard.  If you look closely you can see where our corner stacker doors will be :)
My Dad, God love him, stopped by to check out the carpenter's handy work.  They got to chatting (yep, he's in the building trade and is a qualified inspector) and he's incredibly impressed by Carlisle, and our chippie in particular.  Says he's a true craftsman who takes pride in his work.  This makes me :)

Dad's so in love with our slab, that I wouldn't be surprised if he has a photo of it in his wallet.  Thanks Dad for looking out for your little girl. xx

Mr Squiggle has paid a visit

March 17, 2011

And drawn lines ALL over our slab.

This could well be our THEATRE SLIDING DOORS.  Woohooooooooooooooooooo

And this is our kitchen window - isn't it beautiful???

I'm reliably informed (thank you Deb) that actual framing, building, construction type activity is going on as I type.  Exciting!!!!!  Can't wait to get down on the weekend to check it out :)

Nap time...

March 10, 2011

Our slabby is having a little rest at the moment before its slumber is violated on Tuesday by the frame guys.
But our builder hasn't been napping... we've got a new SS, Luke, and we've got a lovely invoice to pay!!!!

Have a lovely looooong weekend everyone. xxx

Nice day for a...

March 3, 2011


This is for my gorgeous man who couldn't get down to see it for himself...
Isn't she a beauty?  And totally worth waiting 15 months for!!! 

What's for brekky?

March 2, 2011

On Fieldstone Crescent there's a HUGE serving of WAFFLES on a bed of smooth gravelly goodness!!!

Thank you Kerry for sending me this image last night, and to Deb for the "site alert".  Fingers crossed for good weather today (for Kerry's slab pour) (for our boxing up) and for our pour tomorrow.  Please, please, please let our pour be tomorrow!!!
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