What's your colour?

October 23, 2010

I love a good online quiz, and today I've dragged up the definitive solution to home building colour choices that will put interior designers everywhere into an obsolescent panic...  click here to take the test

This is me (apparently)
Yellow is the colour of sunshine and energy. You are always on the go and love to meet many people. People love your enthusiasm and optimism. You like bright places and prefer to have an open and informal home environment.

 Putting this one in the dubious category, I searched on and found this little test, which is actually quite good with a whole palette to work with.

This time I'm "sun kissed" and I'm happy to see some shades of orange in there so I'll stop searching for silly quizzes now :)

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Janine Kimberley said...

The Colour Quiz for Home Decorating - Brown

Brown is an earth colour, and signifies passion and fun. You have a relaxed view of life, and prefer to take things easy. You are passionate about the environment and prefer outdoor activities. Hang paintings of landscapes in your home for a more elegant look.

Hmm, not sure I totally agree, but there is a lot of it that is me!!!

Debra said...

I was brown too....must be the mature age thing! Also, not 100% accurate but I'm all for the relaxed life and passionate about anything I take on.

Janine Kimberley said...

Deb, fellow brown person, at least we have Reinsey who is so bright and bubbly so if we get too relaxed she will be there to perk us up!!

Reinsey said...

No wonder you liked Loz's brown colour scheme J!!!!! If David likes yellow we could swap!! Ha ha ha

Janine Kimberley said...

David actually did the quiz, reckons he was Blue, when I asked him what that meant he couldn't remember, so redid the quiz and it came up green, which was so not him. He's a rainbow!!! Hey I have sent you a message on Home One forum - read it!!

Reinsey said...

Awwwww - aren't you lovely????
Thank you so much for the beautiful message Janine.xxx

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