The big tick

December 9, 2010

It's been a HUGE week in the L&R household.

1.  Finance approval has finally been signed off.  We had to re-mortgage our current house to clear some equity, but still got slugged with a little mortgage insurance. (won't bore you with the details)

2.  Land loan repayment was deducted from a random account the bank set up.  The letter advising us of the repayment amount, frequency and payment method arrived this week.  As did a default fine due to insufficient funds in the random account.  Hmmm.... we'll fight this one!  Hard to transfer money when you don't know when its due, or how much to pay, or which account to transfer it into.  Ya gotta love banks!  What I don't love though is getting an account balance.  All those savings...gone...just like that!

3.  We're still coming down from our tap high.  Totally didn't expect that!

4.  Developer approval is through with those few minor changes to the garage included.

5.  Town planning permit has been applied for.  And this is all we're waiting on now for a site start.

6.  Final final plans are being prepared as I write, and we should have these early next week for sign off.

7.  We've been working like Trojans on our current house coz "Cat" is coming to view it on Sunday. New front door is being installed tomorrow.  Just have to work out how to get Loz's old 1.8m long fish tank OUT of the house by Sunday.  Without using a saw or match :)

This is all pretty intense, at a busy time of year, when work is also full on.  It would be nice to have just one element settled... house sold, permit granted, new house started.  I'd prefer the first option, but any of the 3 would do!!!

Take care,

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Jazz and Brett said...

Congrats and take care of yourself!

Loz said...

Yes MGW - listen to the readers. Take care of yourself.

Maxabella said...

Next tick... the ticker tape parade!!! x

Debra said...

I wondered why we hadn't heard much from you the last few days...had a little on your plate???!!! Fingers crossed Carlisle get plans correct for sign off and immediate action in 2011. Keep cool.

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