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October 11, 2010

I'm thinking of a little space tucked away in one of the spare bedrooms, or even the reading room, to be my girly, creative place, with everything in it's place. Stationery at the ready.  My beautiful box full of derwents on show.  Mags in various stages of page flagging, pic clipping, website listing happiness.

 A space that doesn't look too study-like, but inspiring just the same.

And if I can't get a whole corner of a room, I'll at least find space for a cupboard, with doors I can close on the creative clutter...and paint orange :)

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Janine Kimberley said...

Every woman should have a study/chill out space, where if you are like me, you can spend hours "fluffing around" on the computer, researching all these interesting things, organising photos & music, looking for inspiration in all shapes and forms - and also somewhere to escape to, as much as we love our other halves, what I do on my computer is my business and I love my personal space!!!

How often are those transient children of yours going to stay? I reckon you could snaffle one of those spare rooms as your own, lets face it, its your house - the kids are the visitors!!

Phew, have caught up on your posts now Reinsey, I am off to visit a friend in Tasmania this weekend, Megs is off to respite, David is on the annual golfing pilgrimage to Cobram and the cat is off to The Cat Shack for the weekend, so will look forward to more postings next weekend.

Hey, what do you guys do over Xmas period?

Jazz and Brett said...

I like the last pic!!!! Very Cool

Reinsey said...

J, we're just too alike! I love to invest (waste) hours researching (fluffing around). Enjoy the Tas - I'll not leave you as many posts to catch up on this week - out of control busy at work - blah!

Jazz - I like ALL of your pics. Wanna swap houses? You can have my vacant-yet-to-title-block!!

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