Our Story

We're a second-time-around couple with 6 kidults in various stages of housing independence. Our modest 3 bedroom home on a bush block, which backs onto a National Park is perfect for just the 2 of us, but gets a bit cozy when the bedrooms are full. The plan was to renovate, so we scoped some display homes to gather ideas. BIG MISTAKE!

We found the dream home - The 5 bedroom Porter Davis Marina, and a great block on the Avenue@Casey estate. Then a couple of our kids went, others came, more went.


We don't need 5 bedrooms anymore. The search then began for a more flexible, single storey home that would provide for the kidults, but would still feel homey when it was just us - Carlisle's Monaco.

We're now waiting for our land to title (any day now) and all being well, construction may just start this side of the new year.

Not only are we building a new home, we're also building a new life, surrounded by some really special people we've met along the way.

Thanks for your interest in our journey to postcode 3977.
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