Baby lock them doors..

April 30, 2011

We are officially locked out, but not yet at lock up, coz our corner stackers are in :)

Luckily we had tradies in working today so we were able to have a quick walk through.  We've got cornices;

 As with all tradies we've had working on our house, this guy was a ripper.  The corners joins are perfect.

 My fav place in the house - fireplace through to kitchen (which gets put in REAL soon!);

 Things are really cracking along outside too...

 Entry parapet - looking forward to seeing this rendered - in orange (Oriental Spice).
Extreme close up.  The bricks are growing on me, but very happy we're rendering the whole facade.

So far, so good.  The brickies were supposed to finish today.  My guess, with progress to date, is that there's another 3-4 days work til they're done, so by next weekend we should have both lock up and fix stages completed with only completion to go.  After waiting for a year to get the land, this speed is making my head spin!!!!

A little bit of snooping

April 27, 2011

Oh how I love a good display home!!!

In our estate we have a recently opened display village with homes that suit our (my) taste perfectly. Yesterday we snuck into the Fairhaven displays on our way to a bloody marvelous afternoon of eat, drink & laugh at Deb's gorgeous new home with Janine, David & Megs too. A huge hooray for Deb & John's hospitality. xx. Where did the afternoon go??  Can't wait to return the favour.

Back to the Fairhaven.  What I loved about this house was the corner stacker;
And it's relationship to the pool;
(apologies for the images - stealth mode on the iphone)
With a deck behind the pool fence complete with firepit;

We're now on the hunt for textured wallpaper like this for our bedroom floating wall;

And if anyone knows the whereabouts of this light fitting, I'll be your best friend forever;

On our house front, things are progressing nicely with bricking expected to be completed on Saturday, then moving inside for fix stage.  We're still on track for an end of June handover.  :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

To market to market

April 24, 2011

Slightly old-ish news now as life has kind of caught up with us a bit in the last 2 weeks. Our little cottage on the hill is officially "on the market" for a 4 week campaign prior to auction on May 12th.

So far we've had 3 OFI's - it's open on Thursday nights (to capture the gorgeous sunset views of the city)
...and a day session each Saturday to show off the bush setting.

I'm really going to miss the views and the setting, but the driveway can seriously go!

And it's just so gosh-darn cute inside.  Our new bedroom is the size of all 3 in the old house;

The bathroom is the pretty much the powder room + linen cupboard; (no ABS edges Deb!)
And the kitchen about the size of our new laundry;
I WILL miss the Coonara fireplace.  I know we have a funky fire in the Monaco, but it won't smell the same;

So for now, we clean and we wait and we stress and we clean some more.

P.S. Soy candles melt from the bottom up (and overflow) when left on a heat source - like a Coonara.  Gahhhh!!!

P.P.S. Keep everything crossed for us for a pre-auction sale for a ripping, suburb record type price :)

You're my wonderwall

April 22, 2011

Inside walls...

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3


Entry niches - groooooovy!!

No..Jonno...don't step on the.................  ooops!

Theatre - the bulkheads should look funky with the downlights in place.

This is our wardrobe behind the floating wall.  In the old house we share something 1/4 of this size!!

Pretty grand entrance to the ensuite.  Didn't expect this.  Different to the display.

Outside Walls;

Garage wall - how different is the wet mortar?  I love it's off-whitedness though.
Bedroom side with theatre alcove half way down

We're getting there!

I caught up with one of the brickies yesterday & they'll be working on Saturday & Tuesday to try to catch up on lost days due to rain.  They're hoping to be done by Friday  *raised eyebrow* but there's only two of them. 10 points for dedication!!

All of those further advanced than us, how long do you think we've got from here???

We will, we will ROCK YOU

April 17, 2011

Gyprock that is!  It's really starting to look like a house now.  Apologies for the pic overload, but I'm in lurve!

Master sliding doors with a glimpse of the spa.  Look at all that yummy sunlight streaming in!

Master with floating feature wall.  We didn't expect the niche to be open (its a solid back in the display), but the mirrored doors behind will reflect the light, so I think we'll leave it as it is :)

Ensuite; loo on the left, shower with ceiling dumper & double taps.  There's a niche too on the back of the loo wall & a rail shower head on the far wall.

The theatre, which sits almost opposite the master.  Cavity for sliding doors is all plastered up - loving the bulkheads & the feature window, although it opens funny.  There's 3 panes, the centre one is fixed and both sides slide to the middle so it doesn't open all that wide for a big window.

Bella doesn't give a damn about the windows - she's LOVING her new house, especially all the mud outside!

This is my fav part of the house.  Fireplace projection on the left and kitchen splashback window on the right.  You can just see our corner stacker doors resting in the kitchen too.  Once they go in, we'll be locked out :(

Better view of the stacker doors and kitchen bulkheads. Fridge & pantry sit under the right hand bulkhead and the overhead cupboards with frosted lift up doors sit under the long bulkhead on the window wall.

From the alfresco to fireplace wall.  Family room on the right and Loz's library will run along the wall where the cornice is all stacked up.

The laundry; overhead cupboards right to the wall, 2 banks of underbench cupboards & the bench will continue to the wall as well.  A half-glazed door will add some light.  Hope it's not too dark in there with chocolate tiles on the floor and wenge cabinetry??!!  I think the benchtop is white though, with white splashback tiles.

Looking down the hallway towards the front door. Small niche on the right & alcove type thingy reserved for pointless branches on the left.

AND...we've had some bricking begin.  But I'll leave that post for another day!

Winter woollies

April 14, 2011

Just in time for the cold snap. Shame the sliding doors aren't on yet - it was FREEZING at the house.

Quack quack.

Guess which room this is?

Mmmm...ducted vac.

All stacked up and ready for the laying.

Apparently they're going to do a good job?????????

A clean sweep

April 10, 2011

Taking a leaf out of Deb's best-seller, we mosied on down with all manner of sweeping devices to de-crapify all of the frame nooks and crannys in preparation for getting plastered this week.

But before I get to today's pics, I need to tell you about Marcus, our most excellent sparkie. When we met him on site yesterday, he took us through room by room clarifying our wishes and suggesting little tweaks to our plans. He also added a few things that we left off (forgot) originally, including a power point in the theatre roof for Loz's projector, and 4 downlights in the kitchen bulkhead.

As with all tradesmen that we've met working on our build, he was SOOO approachable, helpful and proud of his work. But most of all, completely respectful.

So...piccie time;

Our front door is in. It's a Corinthian PMAD101, 2340mm x 1020mm. And it's going to be BROWN :(
Looks just as good from inside too.  The green even goes with the wrap.

Looking down the hallway from the front door.  The niche where my bare branches will live is on the right (with dustpan on it) and one of the smaller niches is on the left just behind the red broom.

The first door on the right is our master.  That's our floating wall with robe behind.

And ensutie - double vanity straight ahead and spa under the window.

On the other side of the hallway sits the "man cave", resplendent with it's 244 power points.

And my gorgeous gorgeous kitchen with gas and electricity ready to be connected to the island bench.

I'm so in love with the build that even the little details are making me happy.
Including the laundry taps to be.

So this week brings bricks and possibly even plaster too plus our first OFI on the old house.  It's ALL happening!
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