The Reading Room

October 9, 2010

We (Loz) have a very large collection of words, which need a place to stay without clashing with my newly found "Metro" style.  We've designated one of our living rooms with a southerly aspect as our reading room.

So here comes the do you fit hundreds of books, stylishly, in a modern home?

We have some cheap Ikea "Billy" bookshelves in a pale timber laminate finish that will do until funds allow something more extravagant, but in the meantime, I'd like the room to look a bit spesh and to take advantage of the room dividing fireplace, making it a cozy place to sit on a chilly weekend.

Not my style and a bit of a girly room.  Most guy books have dark covers too.  I don't mind the sofa and side chairs though.  They could work with some warmer colours thrown in as accents.

A bit minimalist, but the brown wall behind the shelving works, and I like the idea of the sliding doors to close it all from view of things get a bit untidy.

This is more like our collection.  Well half of it anyway!  Although the walls are white, I think the aged leather chesterfield gives it a cosier feel.

The use of a solid cupboard in between shelves is worth considering.  It just breaks up those solid rows of dusty books and would add some much needed storage.

An ORANGE wall behind the bookcase - me like!  probably breaks every design rule in the book (not that we have a book on design rules), and the placing of orange covered books throughout ties it all in.

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Janine Kimberley said...

Ooh, as a Library Studies Student, wait until I get to cataloguing - what a challenge!!! I can come and catalogue all Loz's books in dewey order!! Must admit love the second picture with the fire in the corner, reading rooms should be cozy and have that warm & fuzzy feeling. I'll be using my lounge room as a reading room with my gas fire, and I plan to have a really comfortable chair in the corner of my bedroom next to the bay window so I can sit there and read while soaking up the morning sunshine - and watching the people parade!!

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