Our Pre-start Tips

I'd like to start this page by saying that we are by no means experts in this building caper, but we have learnt a few things that might save some others a bit of time, effort, money and heartache;

  •  Unregistered Subdivisions - will ALWAYS take longer to title than the sales office quotes you.
  • Display Homes - are lovely, but mostly because they've been upgraded with at least $100K of extras.  Unless you're prepared to upgrade, your house aint gunna look like the display!
  • Inclusions - vary greatly between builders, and hidden extras mount up very quickly.  Compare apples with apples.
  • Ask Questions - on forums, of friends who have built, but mostly of your builder.  Find out what alterations and options other people have taken on your house in the past.
  • Selections - Carry your colour scheme from outside, in. Choose from the most limited range first & then progress to items with most options, usually paint.  And never leave your home without your samples on board!
  • Upgrades - Include things that are structural and can't be easily changed later, eg. celing height, eaves, window & door placement, built in fireplace, alfresco under roofline.
  • Plans - Read them carefully as not everything discussed at sales makes its way onto the plans.
  • Records - Document EVERYTHING and follow up discussions with emails to clarify, prompt action and leave a trail.
  • Valuations - despite what your land could sell for & your building actually costs, banks base the value on comparative sales in your suburb.  Tough if you're in a new area!
  • Finance - Approvals only last for 6 months, so if your land is delayed, you'll have to re-apply.  P.S. Get your finances sorted out early & don't change jobs until your loan contract is signed!
That's our top 10.  I'm sure we'll have more to add as we progress through the build.
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