Star Struck

June 28, 2011

For those who don't know me (very well) I work in sport and engage with some fairly high profile people on a day to day basis. (That sounds pretty up myself, but I'm really not, just setting the scene for today's little story.) Anyway, last Friday I was completely and utterly star struck in a way that not even Michael Jordan walking into my office would have evoked. Last Friday, I met Phillip Johnson.

Who, I hear you ask?

Phillip is a garden designer, in fact he's won National awards for his work and environmental types would hold him in pretty high esteem. We've seen his work at the Melbourne International Flower Show over the past couple of years and have withstood the crushing throngs to get up close and personal with his show gardens. (Oh God, I'm revealing too much of myself here - yes I'm a complete and utter nerd).

In 2009 he won best in show with "Habitat". A natural billabong, decked "rooms", a produce garden. It was really something. And although we hadn't even considered building a house at this time, this garden left an impression on both of us as something we would like to create in the future.

But 2011 left an even bigger imprint on our nature-loving, greeny (Loz) selves. He named this one "Bathe". It was brilliant. He won the sustainability award but only came third in overall best garden (ripped off). While at the show we entered a competition to have a free garden design by Phillip. We didn't win, but what it did do was put us on the mailing list, and boy this is a much longer story than I imagined...

Fast forward to last Friday, and PJ was at our house, the new one, walking around our yard, talking to us, US, Me & Loz, about all the fantastically sustainable things he could put in place, and giving us our own little paradise in Cranbourne North. Here's some of his work.....

I'm sure it's not to everyone's taste, but if we had a garden like this I doubt I'd ever want to leave home again!

Wanna see more?  Check out Phillip's website here
(OMG - he was at our house!!!  *arms flailing wildly in mild hysteria*)

P.S. 13 more sleeps til PCI  :)

5 comments :: thanks for sharing!:

Lou and Neen said...

WOW that is amazing. You have to love when a dream becomes reality!!! Some beautiful gardens too :-)

Yam said...

Thanks for posting his website. You can definitely find some ideas by visiting that.

I like water features. But the problem is maintaining them. I have seen many people have those motors switched off most of the time. Using solar power might be a good idea.

Debra said...

Jaw dropping beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
and no grass to mow.

Can't wait to see his magic on your Monaco.

Janine K said...

Looks beautiful and peaceful, but I would miss my flowers and colour in the garden. Will be interesting to see what they come up with.

A and A said...

It's beautiful and looks like low maintenance :)

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