I'm walking on sunshine

June 25, 2011

Cannot :)
take :)
the :)
smile :)
from :)
my :)
face :)

Our Blackbutt 2 strip satin floors are in progress..
Not bad for a standard inclusion I reckon.  The finished look is somewhere between the Blackbutt and NSW Spotted Gum samples.  Would you believe that we couldn't decide between the two??  Now we have a floor that is a mixture of both - bonus!!!

Family room (where our Fraser couch will live) through to kitchen. Still in lurve with our corner stackers too.

Library through to kitchen & alfresco.  Wonder when our fireplace will go in??

The kitchen is now waiting patiently for appliances.  What a "get out of jail for free card" we played with the splashback.  Actually, it cost $500 to change to Sea Elephant, from this...

This week we've also had all of the door handles fitted, door stoppers too.  The ensuite shower screen is now in place, & the mirrors were fitted - either wrong or with a broken corner.  For some reason, the ensuite mirror was fitted at full length despite being told we had to shorten it?  But it had a flaw in the corner so they've now ripped it off again.  And the bathroom mirror is the standard size, not the upgraded size.  That can come off too - thanks! Carpet went in yesterday but I wasn't able to get a good pic of it from outside.  

Get this - we went down this morning and the timber floor guy was finishing up.  Although our car was in the driveway (left it there while we took the furkids for a walk) he had locked the doors behind him.  Dammit, I wanted to get in to check out the carpet, as did Loz who hasn't been inside the house for weeks, so I mouthed to him through the window "please let us in".  He just put his head down and kept working.  Prick!

Still smiling though :)

I'm walking on sunshine...woah woooooah...and don't it feel GOOD???

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Tash said...

Looks AMAZING Reinsey, you house is moving so quickly you are going to be sitting by your fire before you know it :)

Debra said...

Beautiful and warm Reinsey, timber floor compliments kitchen perfectly. What a nasty installer to ignore you, I would have knocked on the door until he opened it.

Are you more happy with the paint colour now the timber is down? Apart from appliances and fireplace you must be done?

Now you know the mirror can be your upgraded length, expect nothing less.

I saw your post re carpet underlay upgrade - we upgraded but never saw any surplus. Trust it was installed, as you know we are very happy with carpets.

Reinsey said...

Deb, much happier with walls now. You were 100% right!
Still have stone wall and silicon pretty much everywhere to go. Replacement mirrors plus wardrobe doors. Ceiling insulation and I think we're done. Itching to get in to clean though. Will probably go clean up yard tomorrow morning just to be there...ha ha.
Do you have a pic of your heating and cooling controls at all? I was told mine are as contract. Hmmm...

Janine K said...

All looks pretty spiffy to me! I can almost imagine the girls on the avenue sitting around your kitchen bench talking, eating, drinking, and did I mention talking? In about 6 weeks or so - I can't wait!!!!!!

How did you go with your garden guy?

Debra said...

Carlisle initially installed two separate controls.

Programmable control for heating Manual dial for aircon

Contract clearly stated Networker which operates both and that is what we expected. Something in the unit had to be changed for this to happen - we insisted as per contract.

Does it make any operating difference?....we preferred the one unit.

Go to www.brivis.com.au


pictures and description of all three controllers.

Good Luck

Reinsey said...

Thanks Deb.
Contract clearly states network controller for cooling but programmable for heating. I'll still give it a go though!

Yam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yam said...

Ha ha Reinsey it was that deaf installer in your house.

Your floor looks stunning. I think colour selections throughout your house are excellent!!

Reinsey said...

Thanks Yam. We're very happy with how its all come together. Hopefully it's all really easy to live with :)

Debra said...

Thats exactly what ours stated.

As the aircon with networker was a Promotion upgrade at the time of Contract signing we expected it installed.

We pointed out to SS we didn't want the dial thing for aircon.

SS arranged for both units to operate on Networker.

Perhaps we were just lucky??

Reinsey said...

Can't wait J :)
The guys in the man cave, the chicks hanging out in the kitchen. Just as long as the guys realise it's all purely decorative and nothing constructive comes out of it - the kitchen that is!!

Reinsey said...

Thanks Tash. What about yours? I noticed all of your external lights today. That side area is going to be magnificent. Such classy selections you've made.

Adam said...

Looks amazing Raels, the floor really sets off the colours you've chosen. Good call on the splashblack, that lighter colour would have been fairly pox.

Josie said...

Absolutely beautiful floors... the whole house is amazing! You've put together such a lovely home!

Lou and Neen said...

Floors are looking fantastic and great included upgrade! Must be getting very exciting picturing all your worldly goods inside :-)

AlexandH said...

Bloody brilliant there Reinsey :), love the floors.

Very short countdown now until keys are yours.

Enjoy the floors getting finished up and NOT having to deal with that particular person :)

Reinsey said...

Hey there Ads. What's happening with your build? Can you believe we're nearly done???

Reinsey said...

It IS getting exciting Lou and Neen but also totally surreal. Probably should start packing those worldly goods if they're ever going to end up in the new house though!!

Reinsey said...

Hey there AlexandH, we're totally living through your PCI experience. Dying to know how it all goes down.

Debra said...

Have you seen 'Oriental Spice' mmmmmmm!!!!!!

Adam said...

It's gone up crazy quick!!! Our CSO made a bit of a guesstimate that we may have a starting date issued by Friday. Council turned around the applications in 3 weeks which was impressive. So if we get a date on Friday we should be starting around the last week of July... ish.

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