Our house is stoned, man!

July 1, 2011

Rock 'n Stone, Delhi Bronze fine stack.  The rust toning will be more prominent after it's sealed.

We're nearly there...

Carpet is in.

Shower screen is fitted, ceiling dumper is in and the mirrors have been replaced.

 Look at all of that sun streaming in.  Mmmmmm.  Rangehood is in now too.

Now that we're in July, the fact that we'll be in this beautiful house THIS MONTH has completely smacked me in the face.  One of you lovely Avenue ladies mentioned having spare boxes.....  Could we please, please, please borrow them? :)

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Debra said...

Absolutely stunning, gorgeous.....I saw in the dark, can't wait to see stone up close and personal.

The final fit out brings your house to life.

I have only kept wardrobe boxes...welcome to borrow.

Tonia said...

All looks stonetastic!! haha

So basically it is all done! Nothing really left to do..just start PACKING!! Yeeehhhaaaaaaaa

Welcome to borrow some of our boxes lol

Lou and Neen said...

The stone really brings it all together and it is looking amazing!!!

The final finishing touches and you will be in before you know it!!!!! How exciting!!!!!

Janine K said...

So close now, better get that mug ready in that pantry for me for when I call in! Looks lovely, I think Kylie was the one who had boxes, give her a call!

When is that lovely fire going in - can't wait to be sitting there discussing all thing literary with Loz in the library!

Yam said...

Your house looks fantastic now. Congratulations!

Reinsey said...

Thanks for your lovely comments everyone :)

Janine...the wrong heater turned up. Single sided. So our SS has had them sourcing the right one. May not be in for handover, but he'll do everything he can.

Deb...how did the great wall turn out?? Hope Mr Sniffy didn't go AWOL.

Lou & Neen...it'll be your turn soon. Fantastic progress!!

Tash said...

I thought i alrady commented on this, sorry Reinsey, Tristan and I went and had a look the other day and your house looks absolutly amazing, we both love it and Tristan is now in love with your roof tiles colour :) I cant wait till we can have walk through and come visit, the inside looks just as amazing as the outside dose!!!

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