Fix my sink

June 16, 2011

We've had a visit from the plumbers - fit off now complete!


Bathroom shower complete with screen & fittings;

And our kitchen has taken another giant leap forward - Sea Elephant time :)

Deb - One less thing to stress about :)

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Shayne said...

Love love love the elephant in the room!!

Looking fabulous :)

Janine K said...

What the heck were you stressing about my dear - looks divine.

Love the plumbing, never thought one could get so excited about the things that we hate cleaning!!

Another step forward, no steps back, I hope you have started packing!!!

Reinsey said...

Ha ha..that first line there is gunna come right back to you in about 10 weeks J.
Packing...pppfffffttttttttttt. I'll start when the floors go down. Maybe!!

Reinsey said...

Shayne, I feel a book title coming on. There's a sea elephant in my kitchen drinking merlot :)

Debra said...

Doesn't everything look fantastic....vanity basins set off Espresso Caesarstone and Feature Tiles perfectly. I just love it when all the tapware is gleaming - the mirror will be the crowning glory.

Sea Elephant...way to go, rich and bold against the Osprey.

Phew - final sleepless nights for colours.....timber floors, carpets
and your packing!!!

Any activity on the front in this superb weather?

Reinsey said...

Rich and bold...just like Loz :)
Render comedy duo booked for an encore performance next week.

Debra said...

Any description the Sea Elephant paid off.

Good luck with Abbott and Costello....tell me why Carlisle still use them?? Fingers crossed they lift their game...skills?

Yam said...

Awesome!!! Love technica sink.

Tash said...

AMAZING Reinsey!!!! Everything looks so great, dont no what you were stressing about, your colour choices all look Beautiful :)

newbuild said...

All looks superb! Snap with your laundry...almost identical to ours:)Love the sink...actually the whole kitchen is gorgeous:)

Lou and Neen said...

Looks fantastic, love the Sea Elephant...finishes it of nicely.

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