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June 14, 2011

I need your help, assistance, opinions & feedback PLEASE!!??

(this is the display @ Lyndhurst)

The mirror dude has been out to measure up today and has discovered that our ensuite mirror we upgraded to is too big for one piece. So by the morning we have to decide whether we want to;

a) shorten the mirror back to standard (above vanity only)

reduce the length of mirror from 3.5m to 3.3m, and;
b) centre it on the wall, or
c) align to the left of vanity leaving a 20cm gap at the spa window.

continue with the 3.5m mirror and have a join that is;
d) centered, or
e) in line with the vanity end, or
f) at the 3.3m mark near the spa window.

Happy to hear your thoughts...please??

Imagine being a mirror installer and having a bad hair day :)

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Tonia said...

I would probably shorten it to 3.3m..

Adam said...

my immediate thought was to maintain the size and have the join in line with the vanity end.

newbuild said...

I think I'd choose between the two options mentioned above...shorten to 3.3 or if keeping the length, put the join at the end of the vanity. Keep it longer than standard if possible though...love the extra long mirror! We extended ours too.

melmox said...

I would shorten it & centre behind the vanity!

Yam said...

b and c

Debra said...

Carlisle didn't know this??

Centred - strange not aligned with vanity.

20cm - ran out of mirror?

Join in mirror anywhere - how visible?

I would stick with standard unless mirror company can convince otherwise.

Bet that confused you and it had nothing to do with colour!!!!!

Tash said...

Hmmm... This is a hard one Reinsey, so many options, i think i agree with Deb tho i would probaly leave it above the vanity alone, unless the join is not very visable. No matter what you choose im sure it will look great anyway :)

Yam said...

is this a work safety problem?

Janine K said...

I would probably leave it at standard just over vanity, I would get scared standing up in spa and seeing myself in that mirror at end of bath! Besides it leaves some wall space for some sort of wall decor - somewhere to store bath toys, rubber duckies etc!!!!

Reinsey said...

Would you believe we've had a sleepless night over this mirror thing?
Deb - evidently we were supposed to be told that there would be a join. Not quite sure why 3.3 is the magic number. Machinery? Safety?

Anyway - weve decided to go with the 3.3m mirror that is aligned to the left edge of the vanity. In theory this should look balanced as there's about a 20cm gap between the shower screen and vanity on the left, so a similar gap on the right will HOPEFULLY make sense visually.

I know this is a minor thing, but what really cheeses me off is that we wanted to make some minor adjustments to things post plan and we had to pay a variation for 2 of them and the others couldn't be done. Can I now charge them a $500 variation fee????? (rhetorical question)

Janine K said...

Make sure they credit you with the upgrade to the mirror, and yes I would remind them about the extra variation amounts you had to pay, why not, what have you got to lose!

Debra said...

I hear you re variation $.....and when they want it changed it is 'immediately'!!! Janine bricks??

Now that you explain the 20cm either side I think that will look fine...in fact fantastic.

Just don't let Janine in the spa (or me for that matter) tooooo scarey!

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