Spice girl

June 27, 2011

Okay...I'll admit it. I used to get down and jiggy to the tunes of Posh, Baby, Sporty, Scary and was there another? I can't remember. But that had nothing to do with our choice of render colour for the portico, Dulux Oriental Spice.

Thank you Janine for this photo.  I was sooo peed off from not getting inside that I didn't take a facade pic!

For those still in colour selection mode, our main render is Dulux Beige Royal, with Surfmist gutter & fascia, Jasper downpipes and garage door & Austral Mushroom bricks with off-white mortar. 

14 more sleeps til PCI (not counting afternoon nanna naps of course)

Colours of the world
spice up your life
Every boy and every girl
spice up your life
People of the world
spice up your life

Don't pretend you don't all know the words!!!!!

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JayJay said...

Ginger spice

Tash said...

Hahaha yep Jayjay has it, was definatly ginger spice.
OMG your house looks so good Reinsey, you must so proud of your colours, they have all come together perfectly love love love!!
YAY PCI is sooo soon, then its all yours :)

Janine K said...

You are welcome my friend! My current loung room is painted in Beige Royal!!!!

Love the spice colour! I had it in my mind that the front was going to be bright orange!

Not many sleeps now!

Debra said...

I saw yesterday and wondered why no photos??!!.....coz the rusty burnt orange looks magnificent - Deli Bronze stone will be the finishing touch.

Can you believe its almost yours?

Reinsey said...

Thanks Jay Jay. I knew I was missing a spice!

Reinsey said...

Thanks Tash. We're a bit happy with how it looks. Suits our rustic style.
Won't be long until you're in the same sitch. Just ask Janine...it's only 10 weeks from plaster to completion.

Reinsey said...

It's pretty bright J. The splashback was supposed to be the same colour. Eeeekkkkk!
Yours must be an iPhone 4? Such a clear pic compared to mine.

Reinsey said...

Deb...no I can't!!! Seems like our slab was poured last month.
Thanks for the controller tip. PCV issued today :) Loving our CLE right now!
How great is your garden looking??? No bricky yet?

Lou and Neen said...

Looking fantastic. Love the feature at the front. I can't believe only 14 sleeps!!! How exciting!!!!! Definitely counting sleep time.

melmox said...

Love your facade ;-)
I'm madly in love with the col Jasper too :-)

Debra said...

Well done with the Controller - I think Carlisle try to gloss over that one!! Clap for CLE.

It was only yesterday Carlisle poured your slab....great build. Checked out the Render driving past and looks great; how did Abbott and Costello go?

Our garden (landscaped mud)I (we) have human rotary hoed, edged, shovelled compost, soil and lucerne; planted and mulched whilst waiting for our brickie;....all we can do until planter/letterbox constructed. Must be working at Janines!

He's returned from overseas and didn't show Saturday much to our disappointment....called this morning and promised this weekend. Guess what two days its going to rain this week!!!

Soo over the mud and brick pallet for an entrance.

Excited for you - the long wait has been worth all your dreams.

Ameya and Ajanta said...

that would be Ginger....hehe... great choices of colours....looks lovely

Yam said...

It is funny that I also have beige royal as my main render.. jasper windows and down pipes.. I think colours are great.

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