A partridge in a pear tree

May 30, 2011

We've got what I think is a Manchurian Pear on our nature strip.

It just appeared out of no-where, but it's making me incredibly :) coz;
1.  It means we're going to be moving in soon
2.  I lurve deciduous trees but they wouldn't fit with our garden plans.
3.  It means we're going to be moving in soon.
4.  It'll blend in nicely with our autumnal external colour scheme
5.  Ha ha ha.......

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Janine K said...

Copy cat from Ballarat, I've got one too!

LouNeen said...

It is exciting when you see it! Love it!!!!

Reinsey said...

AND yours is mulched J, mine is just sitting in the dirt.

Yam said...

Hi Reinsey,

2 questions :)

Do you get to meet you SS often? Have you hired an inspector?

Reinsey said...

Hey there Yam,

I actually met our SS for the first time last Thursday. Not his fault though. He intended to meet us as each stage was completed, however, our work schedules didn't allow for it. I do get a call from either our SS or our Customer Service chicky every week without fail (post slab pour).
No inspector for us. Luckily my Dad is qualified and although he hasn't been for a while, he inspected formwork, slab, frame and bricks. I'm not too worried about our windows being 5mm our or the possibility of our walls being a little bowed internally. If I can't see it I'm not going to stress about it!

Yam said...

Yeah you are quite right about inspections. This what I thought about those tolerances on the contract. As long as SS is a good listener shouldn't be a problem. Thank you for the reply!

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