Do you measure up?

May 31, 2011

Our garage does.

Judging by this sticker, we can't be far off getting our front and rear garage doors.  Tuscan profile in Jasper.

This makes me :) coz;
1.  Although I don't like brown, Jasper is kind of growing on me
2.  It means we'll be moving in soon
3.  The garage will then be water tight
4.  It means... (I know - madwoman!!!)

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Tonia said...

You will be moving in soon!!!! omg how exciting!!!!!!!! And yaaaaay for the garage door :)))

Janine K said...

Yes another barrier to getting in!!!!! Great news, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter!

Yam said...

Hey Reinsey, post a good picture of your Jasper garage door please. All my windows and the garage door are Jasper too. Good one!

Shayne said...

Guess what Reinsey??

You move in soon ;p

LOL! Yay for garage door measuring!!

Tash said...

Yay, i love when the garage doors goes on, it makes the house look pretty :) and yay i can finally write a comment on your post, have you been having trouble Reinsey?? I cant even write on my own still :/

Tonia said...

Tash, Ive been having trouble posting comments, so I finally had to install google chrome and now its working perfectly!

Reinsey said...

Tash, to get the comment box up I had to change the comment set-up altogether. I think it was in settings, comments and then comment box option rather than comments at the base of post.

Reinsey said...

Will do Yam. Don't know how long it takes after being measured to have it fitted. Shouldn't be too long though...???

Debra said...

Just like Tonia's I'm missing it all.....taking shape and stunning.

Glad 'Sharon's Blinds' worked for you - your choices will be beautiful. Think I need to hit Jack for commission!! Really interested in seeing the panelglides on corner doors.

Manchurian Pear - Love them, the autumn colours will showcase your facade brilliantly.


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