Fake tan

May 15, 2011

Someone left the render out in the rain;

Check the nifty was they try to keep the rain off their fresh work;

Which would probably have worked if not for this amount of rain;

But I'm sure Carlisle will re-do it and hand us over a beautiful house.

And on the inside (viewing zoo style coz we're locked out);
The cabinets all appear to be finished minus the caesarstone benchtops in the kitchen, powder room and ensuite, and the sinks can't go in until the benchtops are done.

The footprint stepped into the entry hob has been fixed, and all of the walls have been prepped for painting to start early in the week.  You've gotta love progress!!  This is where I expect it to slow up a fair bit though, so we'll wait patiently and switch focus to choosing all of the extras we'll have done after handover to make our house a home :)

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Janine K said...

It makes you wonder why they bother trying to render in the rain, as they will have to re-do it anyway!

Reinsey said...

I think the two renderers were having an argument about it when I went down there on Thursday. Couldn't understand what they were saying but there were hands flying around and more words per minute than Deb manages!!!!!
(miss you Deb)

Tonia said...

I'm sure it will get fixed and will look beautiful Reinsey :)

Janine K said...

Wow that's a big statement Reinsey!!!!!

JayJay said...

Maybe if there were eaves, it might not have been as bad :-)

AlexandH said...

Congrats on the sale, nice to have that ticked off the list :)

Don't sweat the render too much, they should have it sorted pretty quickly this week with the better weather - it'll look great when they're finished :)

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