Growing pains

May 17, 2011

Our little estate is about to become MASSIVE according to yesterdays mail. We received a little brochure and a CD with about 3,000 pages of info on it, and being the massive techy dork that I am, I've captured some of it below.

There's two parts of this I'm REALLY excited about.

The wetlands that start not far from our street;

But the best bit is;

The William Thwaites Town Centre at the entrance to our estate.  We've heard a rumor that there will be a pub & judging from the image there'll be a handful of shops as well as a supermarket. 

Bring on a good coffee shop I say!

Do you reckon we could all try and sneak a suburb name change in as well??  The Question is, what would we change it to?  Suggestions?

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Tash said...

Reinsey you are full of great information today, the supermarket looks huge, do you think its s safeway or coles?? :) Does it say when this is going to be built??, how exciting!!!! I would definatly love a name change, i cant say im too fond of "Cranbourne North" i think we could do better then that!! Hmmm.. but to what.. i have no idea!! I want this brochure :)

Adam said...

look good Raels!!! We have some shops not too far away from us, but they're not right on the doorstep of the estate. I think I'm going to have to campaign the Gold Coast City Council to have the paths completed all the way to the shops and across the roads etc etc... not sure if I like my chances. Maybe by 2017??? Would be nice to be able to just push down to the shops for a coffee or what ever, not having to worry about getting in to the car and all that!

Jay said...

Looks good, but how come we never received anything.

I would like to see a name change as well. There was a rumour i heard that it could get changed to "Casey". But I am definately not a fan of Cranbourne North and thats why whenever someone asks where we are going to live we normally say Berwick or Clyde North.

I don't see it happening though.

Janine K said...

I only have one thing to say - why wasn't I sent a copy of this! This is just amazing!!!!!!!!! So exciting to see all the future suburb plans, isn't it great that being the first residents we will see it grow before our eyes! Here here bring on the great coffee shop where we can all meet!

All I hope is that we all live long enough to see it!

LouNeen said...

This all looks very exciting. I hope we do get a pub and coffee shop!!! A change in suburb name will always help to. Would love to known just as "The Avenue"

Reinsey said...

I wonder if we've received the info as we have a planning permit due to the overlay on our land???

Anyways - happy to share with anyone who wants a copy. I can burn you a CD and mail (or drop off if you've already moved in). Just send me an email; and I'll get onto it :)

Reinsey said...

Tash - I'm going to guess that it's a Safeway as there's already 2 Coles not far away.

Loz found some info on the internet about the possible name change which was written in 2005 by the local councillor at the time;

"The farmland area of Cranbourne North bounded by Narre Warren Cranbourne, Thompsons, Clyde and Glasscocks Road is being planned for housing at the moment. As part of the plan, Council is looking to rename that area. The name is supposed to come from a previous property name or a founder of the area, which leaves us with proposed names including: Rossiter, Ravenhurst, Melby Park, Merrowlands, Facey, and Tulliallan.

Council is undertaking further consultation now. I would appreciate feedback. It is important to Narre Warren South as this area will, of course, be a neighbour."

I've written to our current councillor for an update and will let you know if anything comes of it.

Tash said...

Ooo I thought maybe it would be a coles because there is a safeway close lol i dont know i guess it wouldnt really matter in the end coles/safeway im just happy its right on our doorstep :)

I really want this name change to happen, if you think there is anything i can do just let me know Reinsey, maybe we could do a petition or something!! Have you spoken to the council at all??

I would love a copy, do you think its emailable??

kysbigadventure said...

I want a copy of this too! Perhaps we may get one in the mail. It's important to know what is going on. Did it come from the council or Developer? How exciting.

I would love a name change on the suburb too. Any one of those sounds better than 'Cranbourne North'

kysbigadventure said...

Just wondering if you ever got a reply from the council regarding the suburbs name change. Had not heard anything more about this.

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