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May 7, 2011

Some of you who have followed along at home may remember the internal debate I held with myself over the soft close drawers (and Loz subsequently losing his job - yes doubters, they were totally connected). Seems I've repaid my karmic debt, as ALL of our kitchen drawers are soft closing.  Mmmmmm - soft closing!!

As you can see, the kitchen is NEARLY all done.  The pics don't show the "Wenge" colour very well, so I'll try to take some better ones next time we can get in.   But in the meantime, here's about 20 different angles of MY kitchen :) :)
Back end of the island bench to come & pantry doors (wenge) to be hung.

Dainty pantry - but it's okay.  The front door is pretty wide, and to be honest, thats where MOST of the meals come from!!!!!

Painters are booked in for later in the week.  Both lock-up and fix invoices arrived on Friday.  And the old house goes up for auction on Thursday night.  We've got 5 potential bidders (if they all show up), which has to be a good sign, right?  It's all happening.  Just need to catch my breath a little :)

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Janine Kimberley said...

Just Breathe!!!! Its fantastic!!!! We all had a look around today through the windows - tried the doors, they were locked - how inconsiderate!!!

Wow, painting already, its getting scarily close now.

And you will sell at auction (or maybe before) next week.

And I am a firm believer in the Karma Fairy - she's alive and well.

Tash said...

So much going on for you guys Reinsey, and all positive, Your house will sell :) And your kitchen is gorgeous cant wait for pics of it finished, oh and paint too, ahh i dont no how you are keeping up, what an amaizing Job they are doing!!

melmox said...

Awesome kitchen loveeee your huge island bench :-)

Debra said...

Stunning....as we knew it would be. Jealous of those bins and love the handles. Soft closing drawers - a good win to you. Osprey will be the final beautiful touch.

newbuild said...

Yes, I'm too looking forward to seeing cupboard doors on too. Looks Great! Painting already...you are flying along! Soo jealous of soft close drawers. We spent a small fortune on kitchen upgrades but do regret not going that bit further and getting soft close:(

Reinsey said...

If you're after soft close drawers, someone in blogland imported a truck load of the fittings from overseas (evidently they're easy to fit yourself) and is now selling them. Their website is; http://www.tim-and-tina.com/

Reinsey said...

Good to hear from you Deb. Hurry up internet @ the avenue. Lucky that you love the handles, seeing as they're the same as yours!! We're happy with the bin unit. There's a small shelf above for papers too which we weren't expecting.
The laundry overheads are all slightly out of alignment. Do they tighten the fittings up and level these out, or am I stuck with a wonky line? I don't really do wonky all that well. Was happy to see the footprint int he entry hob is now re-plastered too.

newbuild said...

Thanks Reinsey. I do remember their little video showing how their soft closers - installed later- worked. Good compromise I suppose.

Shayne said...


LOVE my soft close - cant wait to get in and use them :)

I bought Tim & Tina's soft close thingys for all the other rooms in the house too :)

AlexandH said...

Valentino handles! Same as us, yay!

We would have liked to get the soft closers but wanted to keep the budget for other things - H is therefore not allowed to slam drawers when she's mad at me ;) but maybe we'll have to look at the Tim & Tina website for an after-handover fitting to keep me safe :)

Had a closer look at our render and then spoke to our SS, apparently they do a separate colour coat, so all imperfections will be removed then, so don't stress if your plain concrete coat looks a bit scrawly :)

AlexandH said...

Hi Reinsey, (and other blogger fans here) if you guys have eperienced trouble posting like I have this last couple of days, try going into Settings|Basic and set to use the old editor - I haven't been able to go into the compose tab using the newer editor since yesterday.

However, the old editor really screws up formatting and you have to edit via the HTML tab once you've put up the new post.

Hopefully Google will fix this soon :(

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