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April 22, 2011

Inside walls...

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3


Entry niches - groooooovy!!

No..Jonno...don't step on the.................  ooops!

Theatre - the bulkheads should look funky with the downlights in place.

This is our wardrobe behind the floating wall.  In the old house we share something 1/4 of this size!!

Pretty grand entrance to the ensuite.  Didn't expect this.  Different to the display.

Outside Walls;

Garage wall - how different is the wet mortar?  I love it's off-whitedness though.
Bedroom side with theatre alcove half way down

We're getting there!

I caught up with one of the brickies yesterday & they'll be working on Saturday & Tuesday to try to catch up on lost days due to rain.  They're hoping to be done by Friday  *raised eyebrow* but there's only two of them. 10 points for dedication!!

All of those further advanced than us, how long do you think we've got from here???

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Janine Kimberley said...

Look forward to seeing it in person on Tuesday looking great!

Shayne said...

Oh wow - they are positively speeding along! Fantastic to see - and those brickies - thats dedication!!

MDZZJ said...

I'll guess 15 weeks.

Jay said...

Your plastered Reinsey!!

Jazz and Brett said...

Looking Good!

Tonia said...

i'd say you will be done in 7 weeks!

Looks great Reinsey :)) Your house is going to look beautiful!

Debra said...

8 weeks by my calculations - end June?

Love the niches and bulkhead in Theatre.
Off white mortar sets off bricks beautifully.

AlexandH said...

You'll definitely be done with bricks by the end of the Easter weekend - just the cleaning to get done next week.

If they're anything like our lot, you'll have all your gyprock done and cupboards in next week - and locked out dammit!

Enjoy the progress :) :)

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