A little bit of snooping

April 27, 2011

Oh how I love a good display home!!!

In our estate we have a recently opened display village with homes that suit our (my) taste perfectly. Yesterday we snuck into the Fairhaven displays on our way to a bloody marvelous afternoon of eat, drink & laugh at Deb's gorgeous new home with Janine, David & Megs too. A huge hooray for Deb & John's hospitality. xx. Where did the afternoon go??  Can't wait to return the favour.

Back to the Fairhaven.  What I loved about this house was the corner stacker;
And it's relationship to the pool;
(apologies for the images - stealth mode on the iphone)
With a deck behind the pool fence complete with firepit;

We're now on the hunt for textured wallpaper like this for our bedroom floating wall;

And if anyone knows the whereabouts of this light fitting, I'll be your best friend forever;

On our house front, things are progressing nicely with bricking expected to be completed on Saturday, then moving inside for fix stage.  We're still on track for an end of June handover.  :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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Sandrine said...

OOOhh very very nice Reinsey!. Loving the wallpaper. A fireplace inside and a firepit outside. Like like.

Tash said...

I do love me a bit of a snoop ;)
Reinsey im nearly positive that i have seen this light in beacon lighting!!

MelNRob said...

ooh, i am a lover of the stacker corner door too...but alas, we weren't given that option for our house :( I'm on the hunt for some textured wallpaper for our floating wall as well so if i come across any similar to this i'll definitely let you know!

Janine Kimberley said...

I see where you get your inspiration from, it looks a little like your proposed back yard, very nice. Must go down and check these houses out ourselves.

Debra said...

BLOG withdrawal real bad, still no internet....after waiting all day Wednesday Telstra delivered at 5.30 p.m. my wireless phone! - fixed line, who knows?
Finally I can stop doing somersaults outside to get a mobile connection.

New displays - have I been living under a rock? will have to check those out.

Lovely afternoon and company over Easter. Scrumptuous 'Janine Scones' - repeat performance real soon. Perhaps to celebrate your successful auction.

Final coat on Theatre feature wall today - cabinet Monday. Side fence completed...BonBon can stop banging her head on the dog door!

Janine Kimberley said...

Deb we miss your blogging - bring on the fixed line soon!

Had a ball on Tuesday - thoroughly enjoyed ourselves could have bantered on for hours! Repeat performance guaranteed after Reinsey's successful auction - scones never a problem can do in my sleep.

Glad to hear your theatre room is almost a reality Deb & John. We have pegs Deb, coming down for a look tomorrow and catching up with Kylie.

If you see action on our lock please let me know - you guys are my eyes & ears.

Reinsey said...

Serious Deb withdrawals - ha ha ha. We miss you popping in to add your wisdom. Hurry up internet connection!!!

Mon said...

Try the online light stores - we just got our whole house lot of lights online and delivered - all 11 boxes of them!!! They had a great selection!

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