Mushroom Salad...

April 9, 2011

(sung to the tune of Mustang Sally) Why oh why was this song played ALL the time, and how the heck do you dance to it??

Oh yeah, this is about our build. I remember now.

Mushroom Salad - Austral Mushroom that is.

Took the furkids down to the house this morning, which was a bit of a moment to see them happily running around their new house.  I'm still laughing from this... we discovered that our bricks are a very similar colour to;

...Ramsay, our personality filled Spoodle.  Almost an exact match!! 

After reading so many stories about the wrong coloured mortar, I was pretty happy to see...

...the makings of our off-white upgraded mortar. Loz thinks he's ever so clever picking these bricks.  He proudly pointed out the white fleck to match our surfmist gutter & fascia, and the brown blazed bits (boo for brown) that pick up our mocha-choc roof and jasper windows.

Enough brick pics?  How about a bit of laundry plumbing??

 And our solar panel for hot water is in too..
 We also met out most excellent sparkies on site this morning for a couple of clarifications and additions.  I'll save this for tomorrows post as we didn't want to take too many internal shots today while they were working.

I love our house, I love our house, I love our house!

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Janine Kimberley said...

Ooh aah you will have a whole smorgasbord by the time you finish.
Well done to Loz in so expertly colour coordinating the bricks with the mortar, tiles, windows etc. I have done exactly the same Loz with my choices - start with the brick and go from there.

Would have been magnificent down there this morning I was mowing lawns, mr GSI doing edges under my supervision.

Can't wait until we see some action on our block.

Debra said...

Icecream and now Mushrooms - two of my favourite things....
Love that Ramsay co-ordinates with the bricks and roof tiles too.
It was a beautiful day - two trailer loads of garage stuff and then the heavens opened and our dry, dusty driveway turned into MUD!
Monday furniture move can't come quick enough.
Excavation and boxing for driveway etc. Tuesday with pour next week.

Reinsey said...

Hopefully not together Deb!!!
Boo for the rain. I'll bet you didnt want to drive through the mud onto John's beautiful garage floor?
Looked like Ezzmay had her driveway poured today. Didn't get close enough to check out the colour, but it was done by Mentone, or trucks from someone else in Mentone camouflage.

Reinsey said...

It was magnificent Janine. The furkids LOVED running around in the sun, through the house, everywhere!
These delays must be killing you, and I know first hand how hard it is to read everyone else's progress when you're just waiting, waiting, waiting. But it's never been closer to site start than it is now. Lame consolation, I know. Keep hanging in there!!!

Debra said...

Well said Reinsey - hang in there Janine coz we're all waiting with you.

Mud was no fun getting that damm trailer in the garage. Tempers were a little limbo between two houses - feel like we're camping in both!

Had a quick word with Ezzmay as we passed in the rain.

Janine Kimberley said...

Happy moving day Deb for tomorrow - keeping my fingers crossed that it isn't pouring like the forecast says then you will truly become a new resident on the avenue!

CuPPyCake said...

nice bricks... we thought of choosing mushroom too... got stuck in between mushroom & fawn... but most likely will take mushroom too :)

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