A clean sweep

April 10, 2011

Taking a leaf out of Deb's best-seller, we mosied on down with all manner of sweeping devices to de-crapify all of the frame nooks and crannys in preparation for getting plastered this week.

But before I get to today's pics, I need to tell you about Marcus, our most excellent sparkie. When we met him on site yesterday, he took us through room by room clarifying our wishes and suggesting little tweaks to our plans. He also added a few things that we left off (forgot) originally, including a power point in the theatre roof for Loz's projector, and 4 downlights in the kitchen bulkhead.

As with all tradesmen that we've met working on our build, he was SOOO approachable, helpful and proud of his work. But most of all, completely respectful.

So...piccie time;

Our front door is in. It's a Corinthian PMAD101, 2340mm x 1020mm. And it's going to be BROWN :(
Looks just as good from inside too.  The green even goes with the wrap.

Looking down the hallway from the front door.  The niche where my bare branches will live is on the right (with dustpan on it) and one of the smaller niches is on the left just behind the red broom.

The first door on the right is our master.  That's our floating wall with robe behind.

And ensutie - double vanity straight ahead and spa under the window.

On the other side of the hallway sits the "man cave", resplendent with it's 244 power points.

And my gorgeous gorgeous kitchen with gas and electricity ready to be connected to the island bench.

I'm so in love with the build that even the little details are making me happy.
Including the laundry taps to be.

So this week brings bricks and possibly even plaster too plus our first OFI on the old house.  It's ALL happening!

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Debra said...

Job well done!! doesn't it make you feel good that behind those walls will be relatively clean. How nice of Marcus....L&O Electrical? I've always found them excellent.

Our big move tomorrow and I still haven't had a tour of your Monaco.

Good Luck with the OFI.

Steve Finnell said...

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Janine Kimberley said...

I am living through your build atm Reinsey, it looks so clean you could almost eat off the floor - what an influence Debra has been to us both.

Can visualise Loz's man cave surrounded by his books and 200 powerpoints and 2 dozen remote controls - Aah bliss!!!!

And can see us all sitting up at your island bench soon, real soon, I make good scones as you know, just need the tea and coffee.

You gotta have an imagination, its just fabulous dahhling!!!

Can't wait to see the bricks and mortar!!

Debra said...

Janine, I've graduated to my very powerful and pleasure to use ducted vacuum....so over Luke's pull-along barrel thingy!

Scones - what am I missing out on?

Fingers crossed for good weather; your brickie and our excavation/driveway.

Reinsey said...

Happy moving day Deb!!
Yep, Marcus from L&O. Brilliant. I didn't know that L&O and Argus are the same company. This was handy for us coz we needed a few home theatre (man cave) adjustments too.

Reinsey said...

I know, riiiiight? Who would have ever thought to go and sweep out the crannys in Cranny? Deb, what would we do without you?

Will totally be scone weather when we move in too...mmm...scones in the library dahhhling (while we banish the guys to the cave).

Sounds like a scene from Cludo. It was Mrs Bonney, with a scone, in the library!

Debra said...

Forever thankful for clean crannys????

Moving morning....wonderful sunshine. All up early and ready to go - John and Luke home, taken day off...'how nice' said I, don't get excited....Masters Golf on TV!!! They'll be sitting on the floor soon.

When will I stop aching?

Janine Kimberley said...

Bugger the golf guys, it's a very important day - John that's what that PVR is for that you bought - record it and watch it later - much later.

Deb those aches will eventually go away - you need to pamper yourself later with a lovely warm radox bath with music candles and someone to bring in a nice cup of tea to soothe them away.

At least this is the last time you will have to do this - enjoy the day and we want to see pictures of the rooms with furniture in them to complete your story.

Tash said...

Yay Deb its moving day!!

Reinsey look at your frame its spotless i bet the plasters arrive and have never seen anything like it ;) Your mind will be at ease knowing everything is sparkling behind thoes walls!!! All these fab little tips we are all picking up, i loves it!!

Romani said...

Wow, looking great Reinsey...I can imagine how happy you are now and I am keeping an eye on your blog every day now..:)

Tonia said...

omg Reinsey! So jealous right now hehe I didn't even think to clean behind those walls before the plastering went up! :((((

Looking forward to seeing your bricks up too!

Debra said...

Golf Over and truck FULL - will be two loads.

Wait, truck has flat battery....Luke and two Indian Removalists currently pushing truck down street OMG!!!!!! Stay posted.

Janine Kimberley said...

LOL what a hoot!!!!!! Trust you to have one last drama Deb - just be thankful that its not raining!!!!!

So funny - I hope you took a photo of that - it will look hilarious on your blog!

Tonia said...

lol deb!

Reinsey said...

Omg...been in meetings all day..finally get to my blog and you guys are up to your usual hilarity! Hope u did film it...I'm imagining it to have been similar to a Benny Hill skit.

AlexandH said...

Nice work matching the bricks to the poodles guys - very stylish :) :)

And a big thank you (to Debra as well) for getting me thinking of cleaning up the frame on our build. Managed to clean up the wood shavings and all the nooks and crannies just before they put the batts in.

However, I won't be going the full monty and cleaning the floors - made a start last night and then decided that just cleaning the frame was ok at this stage :)

Debra said...

WE ARE IN....two hours later with new truck battery.

I did get a photo. We just started unloading and down came the rain. Fortunately, no side fence so backed truck into Alfresco - MUD, unloaded whilst John and I lifted what we could before Indians donned a pair of thongs to finish.

No time for second load - mainly boxes so we are still back and forth like Ma and Pa Kettle with our little green trailer!

Furniture has fitted beautifully....exhausted but smiling we collapsed into our beautiful new bed last night.

melmox said...

Your pics & comments are getting me excited about what I've got o look forward to. Lol
Awesome pics & hopefully it gets bricked up quickly ;-)

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