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April 24, 2011

Slightly old-ish news now as life has kind of caught up with us a bit in the last 2 weeks. Our little cottage on the hill is officially "on the market" for a 4 week campaign prior to auction on May 12th.

So far we've had 3 OFI's - it's open on Thursday nights (to capture the gorgeous sunset views of the city)
...and a day session each Saturday to show off the bush setting.

I'm really going to miss the views and the setting, but the driveway can seriously go!

And it's just so gosh-darn cute inside.  Our new bedroom is the size of all 3 in the old house;

The bathroom is the pretty much the powder room + linen cupboard; (no ABS edges Deb!)
And the kitchen about the size of our new laundry;
I WILL miss the Coonara fireplace.  I know we have a funky fire in the Monaco, but it won't smell the same;

So for now, we clean and we wait and we stress and we clean some more.

P.S. Soy candles melt from the bottom up (and overflow) when left on a heat source - like a Coonara.  Gahhhh!!!

P.P.S. Keep everything crossed for us for a pre-auction sale for a ripping, suburb record type price :)

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Cam and Kirsten said...

Good luck with your sale Reinsey. We sold our little home a month ago and it was really stressful esp. since we had a 6 week old at the time of auction... Arghhhh! The relief once sold will be fantastic!

Loz said...

And Happy 20000th visitor to the blog MGW :)

Janine Kimberley said...

Your home looks beautiful and so neat and uncluttered! Where the heck have you put all your stuff? I am sure ours won't look that neat when it goes on the market. Good luck and let's hope it sells before the auction, I would be a nervous wreck could not do an auction.

I know what you mean by the driveway that's one of the reasons we are moving!

Tash said...

What a beautiful veiw!! I think we just missed you down at the estate yesterday, i think you guys were just driving away when we went to see your build, but i wasnt sure if it was you guys :(

Reinsey said...

TASH - was that you guys in the ute??? I did a double take coz you kind of looked familiar, but then I thought you might have been the couple who are building the house next to us.
You can't miss my car - it's well branded - and totally embarrassing!!!!! If you see us there PLEASE say hello. Would love to meet you!!

Reinsey said...

Hi Cam & Kirsten,
How did you ever manage to keep a house tidy enough for auction with a 6 week old? Seriously impressive! Thanks for the well wishes - I just want it to sell now. Mentally we've moved on and can't wait to get into our beautiful house with our amazingly fantastic neighbours.

Tash said...

Reinsey Yes that was us(we have a hire car atm while Tristan new hilux is getting fixed), haha next time we will definatly stop, i was nearly positive it was you guys (ill remember the car for next time) we literally missed you by seconds, DAM!!!

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