Triple threat

November 17, 2010

Today's rant  post comes courtesy of our wonderful developer.  Carlisle are unable to gain developer's approval of our plans as our garage is too wide - apparently.
Those who have been playing along at home will remember that this is our second bout of approvals.  With the PD build, we had extended our garage by 1.8 metres - approved.  With Carlisle we requested a 1.9 metre extension - rejected.
But panic not, there is a solution.  We'll have to move the garage door across to the right (fence side) and add a narrow window between the portico and garage door.  I'm a symmetrical kind of girl.  I'm a neat and tidy kind of girl.  I'm not a let anyone peep into my garage kind of girl.

So I appeal to you fellow bloggers - would you off-set the garage door, or downsize the garage itself?

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Jay said...

I agree with you, I probably wouldn't offest it as from an aestetics point of view it wouldn't look appealing with another window for the garage at the front. Plus i wouldn't want it to be another way for someone to access my garage and then probably the house.

But the man in me says keep it nice and big so Loz can put more toys in it.

Why wont they let you just reduce it by 100mm then?? I mean there are houses in the estate which are siamese twins and dont have different fascades and they let them through.

Debra said...

Reinsey, I don't mind the window in garage as long as any window treatments match other front facade windows and we don't see the lawnmower thru the window! Possibly make the garage nice to work in without garage panel door open (I hate garage doors open). Take a look at the Carlisle Website - Genesis Freedom Facade at Officer, it has this window. Suppose it gets down to how much room you want.

Janine Kimberley said...

My god, how petty are they really, what's 100ml between friends?

Reinsey said...

Thanks for the facade Deb. It doesn't look too bad actually.
We were only extending it for storage as loz has a lot of "treasures" - stop laughing Janine - and I don't deal well with clutter. If we have a window it's always going to be covered with boxes stacked behind it, so what's the point?
Ur so right Jay. 2 sets of rules. I now regret putting so much effort into our landscape plan...they're not worthy of my masterpiece!!
Stay positive Reinsey, it'll be okay!!!!!!!!!

Glen said...

never downsize - go for the offset

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