R U down wid at?

November 24, 2010

Doncha hate it when you've been looking at your plans for like...months...and then you suddenly notice something REALLY ugly and get that sick in the gut feeling?

My moment of realisation came over...of all things...our downpipes.

Has anyone ever noticed that none of the displays have downpipes visible on the facade? And that the cute little line drawings or representations of facade options don't come with visible downpipes? Even the front elevation on your plans doesn't have them. But when you look at the actual floorplan, sure enough, there's a tiny little dp included in a most unflattering location. Ours is prominently featured to the immediate left of our entry. Right bang, smack between the first window and our portico. And I can't believe that I've only just noticed. The worst thing is that we have selected Jasper (brown) as our downpipe colour...so on a pale render they're going to resemble a pasty swimsuit model in need of a wax!

These are our 2 render colours; Beige Royal and Oriental Spice. Note the very well hidden downpipe in the display.

This is also our render colour, but with the Jasper downpipe somewhere behind the forest.  Wax anyone???

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Debra said...

Downpipes are always a sticking point....
(a) previous build, had one removed from entry porch wall - angled gutter slightly back to a not so in your face downpipe. (b)argued with PD on Luke's house to have one removed running down the raised feature porch pier. We were successful in having two tiny spreaders either side tucked in under the eaves high on the roof. Brilliant! If you are happy with Jasper everywhere else, colourbond can be painted to match the render.

Jay said...

ahh thats an easy fix reinsey. If you wanted i could get colourbond downpipes to match your render from work. Probably cost you $70 max.
We have a downpipe on the front of our house next to the garage, but you hardly notice them.

If it is round you will notice it more than a 100 X 50 one.

Reinsey said...

Awww...Jay...THANK YOU!

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