A spot of (bargain) shopping

November 1, 2010

We're on the hunt for anything with a metallic orange finish to it to tie in with our newly conceived theme of "Thailand meets the Aussie outback" (I know - strange combo, but I'll post more on that another time).
A few weeks ago we came across the vase on the left at our fav nursery - Kurunga in Mt Evelyn, along with the platter below, were really happy with the prices and snapped them up for fear of metallic orange going out of fashion as we don't want to wait another 30 years for it to come back in!
Yesterday we found the stripy one in a homewares store with a $69 price sticker.  Hoping it would match in with what we had already bought, we took a punt, got to the register, that'll be $199 thanks.  Uh - doubtful.  Sure enough, on the bottom it had a proper sticker with barcode for $199.  I didn't even look there!  To their credit, they gave it to us for $69, (I wouldn't have paid the other price) and we couldn't get out of there quick enough with our treasured bargain in tow.  I'm expecting the karma fairy to break it on us before we move!!!
Where are they going to live?
The platter will take pride of place on the dining table, one vase will wave hello on the entry console table and the other will fill one of the niches in the hallway.  We'll wait until they're in place before we decide whether to fill them with some form of branch or just leave them as they are.

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Tash said...

Oh great choice i love that colour, and great bargain, the are beautiful cant wait to see your house complete, i think it will look very nice. Makes me think about our theme we have no idea what colour we would like yet, hopefully something will stand out when we go shopping for all our funiture!!

Reinsey said...

Just hope I don't get tired of orange before our land titles, or I retire... Whatever comes first!
It's exciting working with a blank canvas-you can choose anything you want. Hopefully you both have similar tastes... ?

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