Come on in

November 25, 2010

...and make yourself at home.
Today I thought I'd take you on a little tour of our display home.

 The entry.  Our spunky hall table will sit beautifully right about here.

From the dining room looking toward the entry.  Kitchen on the left, library on the right.

Library through to kitchen, then to alfresco via the bi-folds (we've got sliding stackers instead)

And back the other way.  Library = left, family room = right

Taking in the dining room as well

And from the family room, through dining to alfresco

Yummy yummy kitchen!!!!!
I was already sold before the kitchen revealed itself - and then I was completely blown away.

What was the room or the moment that made you sure your house was THE ONE?

4 comments :: thanks for sharing!:

Debra said...

Oh! you soooo need to start building, beautiful.

Janine Kimberley said...

I can see many a time we will be sitting around that bench solving all the problems of the world! Are you now landowners?

Reinsey said...

Not quite yet - but we will be at about 12.15pm today!!!!!
Too exciting :)

A Lady's Life said...

lovely home. It has the open concept and my favorite wood flooring. We still have carpeting and once they are replaced I too will not be happy to leave my home.Once you get settled in you think why go on holidays? Fight traffic,fight to get on planes, carry luggage. There is no place like home lol

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