We're number 9

September 30, 2010

Yesterday I had a burning desire to find out what our street number will be.  One of our neighbors on H1 Forum suggested calling the developer (they gave up at Stage 8), but the Council were incredibly helpful - in fact the first person I spoke to was able to look it up - right there and then.  

As the image suggests, we will be number 9 (don't like the letterbox though!).

I'm home sick (still) and getting pretty bored, so I did some research into the number, and it's all a bit freaky really.

When you add up Loz's birth date numbers 7 + mine 2 it equals 9.

Then I found all kind of sites telling me that we didn't choose the block, it chose us...

If you have no racial or social prejudices, or have a burning desire to help the world, this is the house for you. The 9 vibration allows you to see the possibilities, to see beyond limitations and oppression. This is a home for the broadminded thinkers. You will find rewards for past efforts in this house.

Residents in this house are intellectual and music plays an important part in this home. Many start ambitious new projects in a number 9 house. This house number brings good fortune. (I like the sound of that)

And then I even found something on how to decorate a 9 house;
 9, being a wordly number would do well with a an ethnic look; Asian, African, Polynesian etc.. Lots of natural materials, fibers and textures - or very ascetic. 

But the scariest thing;
You'll find yourself collecting lots of books and travel is indicated, in fact the first thing to unpack is your books!  (One of our rooms is for this purpose as Loz has more books that a mobile library)

So in a nutshell, we'll have music flowing from our doors that are open to ethnic minorities who like Asian style decor, love a good book and are handy with a hammer to help us finish our ambitious project list. 

I can rest easy tonight knowing that.  Perhaps it's time to go back to work??? 

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Janine Kimberley said...

Guess what, we are going to be 49 Charlbury Crescent, and we currently live at 63 (adds up to 9) Charles Green Avenue - all very spooky and just more things that mean we were all meant to meet each other!!! Hope you are OK - look after yourself!!

Reinsey said...

You know what...I actually do believe that this block of land picked us and it's exactly where we are meant to be.
It's starting to become real now and not just some dream in the future. Can't wait to be in my beautiful orange house in a real community surrounded by great people. Does it get any better than that???

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