Courtesy call from Carlisle

September 24, 2010

Our lovely colour consultant gave us a quick call today to make sure there's nothing else we want changed or want to discuss prior to our contract meeting on Thursday.

Totally unexpected and totally appreciated.  It gave us the chance to discuss the roof / window / garage door dillema of yesterday and now we feel fully settled on what was basically our original choice anyway.

So now having locked all of that away, it was time to give the blog a good spring clean and freshen up today!  Gotta find something to do to fill in all of this waiting...waiting...waiting!!

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Janine Kimberley said...

So, what was the decision on your colours?

Reinsey said...

Hi J,
Loz won!!! Mocha choc roof, Jasper garage doors and windows. Mum asked everyone at her work and option 1 swept the competition. And then for you to choose it to just sealed the deal.

Contracts on Thursday, then another developers approval. With a bit of luck we'll be ready to go as soon as the land settles!

There's no time for any more changes's really happening!!

What's happening with your stage and build??

Janine Kimberley said...

Went down for a drive today, there definitely has been some progress as there is a gutter on the other side of the road, and there is some building happening behind us on William Thwaites.Apart from that, we are still at a stalemate, just waiting for the final specs. and plans to be done and that magic letter in the mail to say when title is. The waiting game continues. I will just be happy to get excited about your build and Kylie's - they were working on her house today would you believe!! Roll on December. Glad to hear I was of some help in your colours, perhaps I will have to ask Loz when the time comes for our colour choices :)

Reinsey said...

That's exciting...coz our gutters were done only a little over a month ago. So in theory you're still on track for December.
How do the selections work with your builder? Do you have to do them all at once or can you watch it evolve and choose bit by bit?
How many newbies are there on the forum now??? I'm tempted to start a building thread but there's still nothing really to report. Really ready for it all to start now!!!!!

Janine Kimberley said...

Yes, its nice to see so many new people coming on board on the forum!!! It will be a great gathering in January if everyone can come to our get together at the pub. So far we only have to choose the bricks, tiles & window colours at contract signing, other things can wait, i.e. kitchen details not needed until frame stage, so I haven't really looked at too much as it is still so far away, they may bring out new colours before then.

So envious of you guys, but all things come to those who wait so they say. We will have to get together again soon!!!!!!!

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