Paper bag anyone??

September 14, 2010

Well... a few things just had to go.

Say goodbye to the pivot door, all $4,000 of her.  The pre-wire for solar electricty - sorry environment - you're gone too.  Render to the alfresco = gone.  The fan/light/heater in the bathroom = gone.  The beautiful tiled feature wall in the bathroom shower is now just a feature strip.  All of the painted feature walls = gone.  The beautiful timber double doors to the home theatre had to go, and my soft close drawers...Loz will just have to remember to close them all on his own :)

In the end, we split the difference between our hyperventilation amount and the tender price today, and shaved $13K off the wish list.

Thanks for your advice and input Janine and Jay.  We've got a great, no, incredible home at a price we can live with (and pay for!!)

Next step - Contracts in 2 weeks, hoping to have at least a slab down by Christmas.

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Janine Kimberley said...

Fantastic Reinsey, I'm sure you made the right decisions - and what a whoppa of an amount to save as well!!! Lets hope that you do have a slab down by Xmas, hopefully ours will start after Xmas, so it will be a race to the finish.
You will have to get another developer approval as well - they will wonder what happened to the original approval!! Well done mate!

Reinsey said...

Thanks Janine - we're over the moon about it all. Carlisle are SOOOO GOOD to deal with. They went through everything line by line until we got to the "bottom line". They then left us together to make the few cuts we needed to get it in even remotely near budget (thank God David wasn't there!!!!!). We got to keep the heater - yea - the same one in the display - double yea.

Can you imagine the developer people getting another app? Bet they think it's a mistake or something!

And - can you believe that this time next year we'll all be in our beautiful new homes, surrounded by our beautiful new neighbours.

So happy :)

The said...

Hi Reinsey, it looks like you're going to build a beautiful home!

We're about to go through the color selection/tender process with Carlisle ourselves, and wondering if you're able to post or PM us some of the prices of the upgrades? We've asked them how much it costs to upgrade things, but they always either can't answer, or only give a very rough estimate -- kind of hard to budget for!

Of course, we could always take a leaf out of your book and just put our dream list in, but I'm afraid that our willpower for saying "no" may not be as strong as yours!

Reinsey said...

Hi "The", and thanks for stopping by.
Feel free to PM me with some of the upgrades you're looking at, and where I can I'll give you examples of ours.

Which one of the displays are you building?

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