I shall be the Queen of Monaco...

July 24, 2010

...Carlisle Monaco that is.

We officially cancelled our PD contract during the week and today paid our initial deposit with Carlisle to begin the process (again!).  Hans, the Sales Manager, assures us that the land will title in December so the developer avoids paying a big whack of land tax, but just to be sure we've booked a February site start.

I'm pretty impressed with Carlisle.  I know it's early days, but in comparision to the PD experience, we certainly feel more informed.  Could be that we recently went through a similar process, but they seem to take more time explaining what is and isn't included as well as trying to upsell at every opportunity.  Some may not like this approach, but I actually prefer to know everything we could have, and then make informed decisions.

After another walk through today, I'm even more impressed with the design and the way it will sit on our block.  And we found out that the corner sliding doors in the kitchen / meals close onto each other so there's no need for an internal pillar.  This means we can open up the whole back corner straight onto the alfresco! Niiiiice.

Next step:  Facade selection and structural variations.

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Janine Kimberley said...

Well, if you are going to title in December, then so should we!!! Others are sounding a little more positive on the forum as well which is good for us all. Where is this house on display, I would like to have a walk through myself, it looks fantastic. At least you are a little wiser now - second time around.

Reinsey said...

If we don't title in December I think I shall surely die!!!!!!!!!!! The longer it takes the more likely it is that I'll change plans again (joking. There's been heaps of progress lately. Have you been down to see?

Our new house is on display at The Rise in Lyndhurst, tucked in behind the massive Henley display. The facade isn't that great and the decor is a bit dated now and not to our taste, but it's sooooo spacious. I really love it!

I try to justify the change (and the forfeit of deposit) to Loz saying that it was just a test run and now our Monaco will be perrrrrrfect with all we have learned so far. (don't think he buys it tho!)

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