And the winner is...

July 8, 2010

Porter Davis Wembley 35

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Janine Kimberley said...

Love this plan, love the bottom floor, definitely suits your criteria of a light-filled kitchen & meals & family area,which will take advantage of the northern aspect, can see us having a drink or two at your kitchen bench!!! Were they cool about changing plans? Are you glad you changed the plan?

Reinsey said...

Hi Janine,
It's such a lovely, sunny floorplan. There's an option to put one of those splashback windows in the kitchen - might just do that to capture even more of the northern light.

Can't wait to see which of our kitchens is finished first and hosts the first round. I'm guessing it'll be yours the way our land is traveling!!

PD have been great and are only looking at charging us what they've actually spent on us so far, which is around 2K. Much better than forfeiting 25% of our 5% deposit per the HIA contract.

I'm REALLY comfortable with the change. We'll also put a gas log fire in the family room on the south wall with the TV on top, along with a nice set of doors to close off the back half of the lower floor so it will be a LOT easier to heat than our old plan. Not to mention the massive cost difference between the 2 plans. If we keep our noses clean we may just be able to afford a pool, or at least a spa. Yummy!

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