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July 2, 2010 in it's time to pick a completely new house plan.

It's like this.  When we began this process, we had all bedrooms of our little house full with others knocking on the door as young adults do.  Six months down the track and we find ourselves in an almost empty house again with the added complication of a block of land thats due to title some time in the next 4 years (sarcasm - should title later this year).

The fact that it hasn't titled is actually a blessing right now as it is giving us a chance to re-assess our build in its entirety.   Our original house of choice was PD's Marina 42.  Five bedrooms.  Semi-ensuites.  Lots of communal and private space.  Beautiful.  But now that we're almost empty nesters again, do we actually NEED to build such a big house?  Our current home is only about 12 squares, so the Marina would give us both 21 squares each to rattle around in.

We'd (read I) had been feeling a bit unsure about the build for a couple of months, but we still LOVED the floor plan, and pushed ahead with colour selections, tender and contracts.  So now everything is selected and ready waiting for the land to title, we've had a chance to catch our breath and re-assess.

I have to say, PD have been fantastic about the possibility of us changing to another lifestyle plan, changing to a plan in another range or even withdrawing from the build altogether.  We're meeting our original sales consultant on the weekend, who will run through some options, detail the financial penalties involved, and work with us to try to find a plan that meets our current and future anticipated needs while making the most of our sensational block of land.

Ideally it will;
  • open to the garage side (north) and rear of the block
  • be single storey
  • have a home theatre and seperate lounge (library)
  • be flooded with light
  • include a kitchen to die for with an island bench, undermount sink and one of those groovy industrial type taps
  • retain its warmth or be easy to heat
  • have an entry off the garage directly into a mud room
  • flow really well from front door to the back yard
  • have a bit of wow factor
  • feel like home
Wish us luck - should make for an interesting weekend!

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MDZZJ said...

Sounds a bit like us, quite often my husband and I look at each other when all the children are out and say "so why did we build this big house?". Best to be sure of what you want before the process is all too late. Good luck with whatever you decide is right for you and your family, I will follow your blog with interest.

Janine Kimberley said...

Well done Reinsey, I think you are doing the right thing!!! Can't wait to see which plan you go with - I notice you want a library - does that mean you're a reader like me??? Keep us posted on how you go on the weekend. Cheers Janine

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