The five things I'd most like to change about our floorplan

June 23, 2010

5.  The master bed is only so-so, and not the grand suite of some displays
4.  Although it's really huge, the pantry is not overly practical as a place to store food
3.  With no windows directly into the kitchen, it's going to be a dark place during the day
2.  The top floor.  We don't really need it at all.
1.  After having a bath for the first time in a year today, I think I might miss not having a downstairs bath.

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Janine Kimberley said...

Sounds like you need a new house plan!! Is it too late to change?

Janine Kimberley said...

Have just had a look at your external colour scheme - love it!!! It all goes so well together, also have looked t your upgrades - some great ideas there, especially the gas outlet in the alfresco for BBQ & maybe heating - fantastic idea - was that expensive? May consider that ourselves. Nice to know we can all help each other. Its been quiet on the forum lately, is that a good sign or a bad one?

Reinsey said...

Hi Janine,
As much as I'd like to, I can't take the credit for the colour scheme - it's a shameless copy of another PD display that we love, love, love!

The gas line out to the alfresco was only around $150. So much cheaper than getting a plumber in to run it after handover. We tried to keep our upgrades to things that couldn't be easily changed, like externals, stairs, insulation, but then it got a bit out of control and 100K later.....

Thats probably why we (I'm) second guessing what we're doing. It's a LOT of $$$ for the 2 of us + some part time kids (adults) & our 2 fur kids.

It HAS been quiet. I guess those in the earlier stages are all caught up in their builds now, as we will be eventually.

I've certainly gained a lot of info from home one, and really appreciate your comments too. Very much looking forward to meeting you Janine and supporting each other through this process. :)

Jen said...

Oh yes... baths are majorly important. Well for me they are. I could never have a house without a bath. Forget spa's... yuk! and waste of water.

Bathtime is a time to relax, reflect, read, or romance.

The pantry... Well I used to have one like that in a previous house, but I just used it for storage as well. I even had my day to day crockery in it, and you could just open the doors and everything was at easy height to reach for and use. Store things at the back or high that you don't use often.

The top floor will be great for family get-togethers.

The bedroom you can make as beautiful as you wish.

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