How does your garden grow?

November 17, 2011

Ours has gone crazy considering it's less than 3months old.

Here's some snippets from around the orange house;

The narrow bed beside our driveway has Dianella "Casa Blue" and Climbing Fig which has already started to stretch out on the fence.

The grasses that run either side of our entrance deck have begun to flower.

As has the Blueberry Ash that we have along our northern boundary. They now peep about a foot above the fence line.

I love the way the "Chinese Star Jasmine" has reached up to the first run of wire.

The mass planting of Dianella in front of the stacked stone wall has gone crazy. These little guys have doubled in size already.

So completely besotted with Kangaroo Paw right now.

Put it all together and it looks like this;

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Janine K said...

It sure looks great, hard to remember the way it was when you moved in all that time ago, hmm I will remember what it was like in about. Month when my house looks that way :(

Debra said...

Looks brilliant - all that rain!!!
Love Creeping Fig; fence will be a wall of green in no time.....Star Jasmine outside the bedroom, stunning.
Kangaroo Paws compliment the stackstone etc...etc...wonderful.
Great to see everything growing so well although my Magnolia is on execution row and running out of appeals.

Trust your resting and enjoying taking in the scenery.

Reinsey said...

No sad faces allowed Janine - happy days - you're moving soon soon soon!!!!!
Besides, thats what gardeners are for (well for those of us with GSI other halves) ha ha ha.

Reinsey said...

Deb, I walked past and checked out your Magnolia yesterday. It even has that smell of death. It's time Deb, it's time!

Debra said...

All hope gone????

Can't bring myself to do it!!

Tonia said...

Gareden looks amazing Reinsey! Better than ours lol

Shayne said...

Gorgeous! We have lots of the same plants! The Dianella, Jasmine, Blueberry Ash and Climbing Fig are all going nuts in our garden too!

Lou and Neen said...

Everything looks great and they are thriving in the rain we have had :-)

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