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November 23, 2011

True to their word, Carlisle contacted us just before our 3 month house anniversary to arrange our maintenance inspection.  A really nice guy came out and gave the house a thorough look through, jotting down any of our concerns at the same time...and I'm pleased to say that we had less than half a page of defects and ALL of them incredibly minor;

  • a little floor repair
  • the expansion joint for the floating floor in the hallway
  • a small plaster tear caused by the Jetmaster installer
  • some minor cracking to be patched
  • laundry door seal
  • clips on the gutters


All but the floor has been attended to, and as we came to expect from Carlisle tradies, they were completely respectful of our home and just generally nice, chatty guys. It helps when they ooh and ahh over your home too - but then, we're so proud of it we'd even drag the postie in for a look.

I can't imagine us ever wanting to move from here, but iiiiiiiiiif we did, I'd definitely build again and wouldn't hesitate to go with Carlisle again too. (just hope that whatever they are planning to replace the soon to be closed Monaco display with isn't too much of an improvement over what we have, or that day may come sooner than Loz is expecting...) (just jokes Loz) (???)

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Debra said...

Well Done Carlisle Homes.

Trust your resting/reading. Thinking of another house with Home magazines can be dangerous!!

newbuild said...

So pleased to hear the 90 day check went well. I know what you mean with the house building thing...I think it's a bit addictive. I imagine there is a fair bit of 'post house build depression' going on out there!

Janine K said...

Good news!!! And not much to do.
I'm sure every time you see the bank balance it will put you off building again! LOL

Reinsey said...

Ha ha ha Deb - too true! It could be time to downsize after only 3 months. Those front rooms are totally surplus. Do you think a 1 bedroom would have much resale in this area?

Might look at Selandra Rise - they've got parks that are actually finished!!!!!

Reinsey said...

Kylie - this is my third build,but I think I'd be doing it alone if I seriously suggested we build again.

Reinsey said...

Janine - every time I think about packing again it puts me off. How's yours going by the way???

Janine K said...

Have ordered more boxes, we are up to box 65 now, seem to be pretty much on track for moving day 20th December, so much booked for both the 19th and 20th, fingers crossed that Kevin does not find too much that would hold up settlement on the 16th.

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