Practically completed

July 12, 2011

Today was "presentation", "PCI", the big check over for final touch-ups to be agreed upon before setting a date for the big key transfer ceremony.

Our SS, Luke, who I've previously raved about (and will again here) has been so on top of the build that we only had a hand full of really minor little adjustments and touch-ups.  He's built this home as though it's his own and he was so proud showing us around today.

Coz there's so little to be done, he's set a date for hand over.  And I have to add that I did a really good job holding back the emotions until these words came from Luke's mouth... "How's next Thursday, July 21 work for you?". I would have loved to have been composed enough to say "Why thank you very much, that would be simply delightful".  But since I'm not actually an upper class pom and more like a crazy woman whose emotionally strung out from this whole build thing, some noise came from me that sounded more like an actual sea elephant signaling it's mate than an affirmation of acceptance.

Piccie time;

I'm all out of words :)

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Debra said...

Doesn't she look beautiful, stunning, gorgeous and shiny new all cleaned up!!!!!! So happy for you guys. It is an emotional ride; unbelieveably fantastic to complete and become your home.

A big day ahead on the 21st; congratulations to you both, CH and the SS for a relatively painless build.

Can you believe it????? you can start packing.

Tonia said...

Oh that is bloody fantastic! I think it's your turn now for no sleep lol!! Great news Reinsey :)) Cannot wait to see your house filled with your furniture. Looks like we will both be unpacking by next weekend! Yeeehaaaaa :))

Janine K said...

What a journey you have made, from the highs, to the indecisions, to the doubts, to the change of minds, the change of houses, the change of colours just as well you haven't changed your mind and changed partners as well!

What a stunning home you now have all you need now are friends and neighbors to decorate it with - I think I may know a few!!!

Don't stop blogging as we want to see your house develop from infancy to adulthood.

I feel very blessed to have been able to share this with you.

Shayne said...

Oh my! How bloody exciting!!

Congrats - the house is absolutely beautiful :) You must be so thrilled with your choices, and the quality of the work, it really looks amazing!

Love your kitchen sinks, love your shower head (boo Big M wouldnt do one for me!), even love your push up plug thingys - I wanted those and chose the wrong ones and I hate them - LOL!

Hows the packing going?

Romani said...

Congrats Reinsey...! your house looks stunning and love every bit of it...Anybody who built such a house would be defenetely very proud in showng it even to the owners:) It is already full of life like the owner of it:)..!

Lou and Neen said...

Congratulations that is fantastic news. The house is looking amazing. Here's to the final countdown. :-)

melmox said...

Congratulations :-)
Wishing u only happiness & lots of happy times in your new beautiful home.
Sound like your SS is a gem! Very rare to see on many building blogs!
Here's hoping 21st is here quickly for u.
Mel x

Yam said...

Congratulations Reinsey. Your house looks absolutely beautiful.

You have done an excellent job by selecting neutral colours. I think it is timeless. This is the first time I saw someone has used those feature tiles. They are very nice.

Good luck!!

kysbigadventure said...

One word.....'Stunning'

Adam said...

Wow Raels and Loz, it's obviously all been said already but it all looks amazing. But they're going to keep me hanging on seeing the fireplace right till the end aren't they!!

One question... I think it's the powder room, but those wall lights, its hard to tell as it's dark behind the light, but it that meant to be set in to the wall so the shiny front plate is flush?

A and A said...

Congratulations Reinsey. House has come out really beautiful. Love the colour choices and the downlights under the bulkhead is a standout feature...I guess now you will be busy for next few weeks making this a home :). Thank you for sharing your journey through this blog.

JayJay said...

I've had several builders that have said those words "I build it like it was my own house". I think it's a standard speil, they all say.

Reinsey said...

A huge thank you to you all for your endless support, encouragement and friendship. It's been a crazy ride but the time of my life just the same.

Ads, I think you're right about the powder room lights. We've been looking at them for a month or so and haven't picked that up. I'll ask the question today!

Jay Jay, I wasn't going to bite, but... Our SS didn't say those words, he gave us that impression. Go fill up your glass - it's under half full :)

Debra said...

You had a great PCI following a successful build with CH overseen by Luke; due to your meticulous research and planning.

That level of understanding, trust, expectation and communication is reward enough, well done.

Tash said...

So Beautiful Reinsey and Loz, i have loved sharing your journey, your house already has so much personality and you havent even decorated it yet, you have done such a good job with your colours!! Handover next week WOW, so exciting!!!

Flipflop2010 said...

Beautiful...beautiful... beautiful... Need I say more?

CuPPyCake said...

Fabulous! Love your beautiful home. All set to move in. I am envious :)

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