January 3, 2011

These are my last 2 mood boards - I promise (Reinsey reserves the right to change her mind and create more and more mindless collages featuring borrowed images of house porn)

How many sleeps until our slab pour you ask?
Seventeen (17)

Oh blimey I'm getting excited about living in this brown, white and orange house of ours!!!

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Tonia said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :) 17 days and counting! Woot wooot!Can't wait to see the pics of the slab! Your turn for drinks on the slab hehe

I really like the wooden dining room light in the second pic at the top! Also the dark brown light in the second last row..second pic! We are having a wooden pendant light similar to that in our lounge room..(ive made a few changes from my previous post on decor ideas! lol..ive swapped the chandeliers to the wooden light!)

its now 16.4 days to go till ur slab pour! LOL

Andrew said...

What are those lamp shade over the bench? Trust me hon, they are not good. Oh yes, the rest looks good.

Reinsey said...

Harsh Andrew, harsh!!!
Don't worry - we're not doing the 3 pendants over the bench thing. Just one long, modern fluro type thing that hangs at the same level as the rangehood.
Harsh :)

Reinsey said...

That's my fav too Tonia - the one next to the 3 coils that Andrew doesn't like :)
Must be like 16.2 days now.
How did you ever sleep in the lead up to your slab pour???

Tonia said...

I didn't sleep! I was counting down the days..miuntes and seconds :) You must be so excited! Our frame should be up at the end of this week or early next! Cannot wait..and yes I probably wont sleep either! haha

Yep that light looks fab! Where were you thinking of putting it? Also..I like the 3 coils! LOL :) Men!

Reinsey said...

I'm thinking of 2 above the dining table. I like the diffuser in the centre of the light rather than the type that are just like a ball of string.

Frame stage will be too too exciting. It'll really look like a house then. Your slab has had a nice rest - it'll be strong as!

Have you got any idea of a completion date yet??

Tonia said...

That sounds nice! :)

Nope no completion date in writing as they can't guarantee the date..but we are aiming for mid May if not earlier! I was actually hoping to be in by April (my bday) but doesn't look like it will be complete by then..but I guess you never know!

How about you?

Reinsey said...

We're with the same builder as Deb, so I'm really hoping for a 4 month build, which would have us in around Easter. Fingers crossed coz I work every weekend from March to September except Easter and maybe Queens Birthday if I'm a really lucky girl :)

Tonia said...

wow! Thats great! Only 4 months? You're so lucky! You will be in before me so maybe I can get a few decor ideas off you guys hehe

JTS said...

I get the most peaceful feeling from your color schemes and design tastes! I just know this is going to be a lovely home and I share your excitement in getting it started. It will be fun to watch the work progress. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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