December 19, 2010

This is 3 day old news now, but I've been operating under a head-in-the-sand mentality and quite frankly, I just don't want to deal with it.

Loz recently started a new job - 6 weeks ago to be exact - and everything appeared on the surface to be going well...

The monthly pay was due to hit our account on the 14th (you can see where this is going, can't you...) and here we are on the 19th and N O T H I N G. Excuses have been made about company restructures, funds being deposited into wrong accounts, Singapore investors, blah blah blah.

Tomorrow, the business will be placed under the hands of an administrator. It's a start-up company with no assets to be sold, and the chances of December's wage coming through are pretty slim. And with little chance of trading through until their concept is actually income producing, Loz is more than likely unemployed.
I know people say building is stressful, but some of the speed bumps we've faced are just unbelievable, and have me questioning whether this move is meant to be???

I'm trying to look for positives... we have each other (awwwwwwww), which means more than a house ever will, and our kids are all happy and healthy :) Loz WILL find work, but it's a crappy time of year to be looking.

Soooooo if anyone out there in blog land knows of a company (of stable trading history!!!) who is looking for a very competent governance/compliance/risk manager (and a REALLY nice guy), could they PLEASE let us know???

Ahhh... you've gotta laugh :)

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Tonia said...

Oh Reinsey how I feel for you and Loz! There are some shonky people out there..the best advice I can give you is I think it's best for Loz to get out of that company asap! He will find a job eventually..but you don't want him working for nothing! If I hear of any jobs I will definitely let you know! Now cheer up..smile...you have your family..and that's what counts! :)

Debra said...

Morning Reinsey and Loz, I've been concerned about my Avenue neighbours and blog land buddies. I sincerely hope everything works out for Loz in new and better employment. Building is stressful and exacerbates lifes curve balls. Married to a Contract Automotive Design Engineer in our recent GFC wasn't easy but many were worse off. We only returned permanently to Australia in the last five years - look at USA (Detroit) and within a month of commencing our Sandhurst home John required quadruple heart bypass (2nd in 11 years) resulting in a staph infection for twelve months and numerous surgeries. We survived it all. The Avenue will be a wonderful development - already met some great people. I think the Karma Fairy has chosen 2011 as a good year. Take Care.

Jazz and Brett said...

Oh no!!! That must suck! Some times these things happen for a reason and he may get a even bigger and better job! Stay positive and enjoy the festive season.

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