Branching out

December 6, 2010

I have some strange ideas sometimes (mostly coz I spend more time than I actually have daydreaming about our house-to-be).  My latest whim is for potted bare branches in the entry hallway niche.

Here's the niche...

And here's what I'm thinking...
The idea being to change the decorations on the tree depending on what's going on.





Special occasion;
(like a wedding - hint hint Loz)

Hands up everyone who thinks I need to get a life...???

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Tonia said...

Looks wonderful! Great idea and no you don't need to get a life haha! I am exactly the same..I always daydream about the decor of our house! :)

Jess said...

Love the idea. We have a potted branch as our chrissie tree this year (have some pics on my blog). I love that first pic with the little bags on the branches - that would make a great advent calender if you had numbers on the individual bags and good ies inside. Hmmmm.. might do that next year!

Janine Kimberley said...

You have way too many things going around in that mind of yours Reinsey - lets hope that house of yours starts soon so you can concentrate on bricks and mortar!!!

Jazz and Brett said...

Love this idea!

I actually used some twisted willow at an event and use little pegs to attach pics of the couples life together check it out

Reinsey said...

@ Tonia.. if only I could work out how to be paid to daydream about the house!!!!!

@ Jess.. great idea on the advent calendar. Peg them up (idea totally stolen from Jazz). Although that almost sounds like housework - eeekkkk.

@ Janine.. ha ha - like you can talk missy! Picked all of your colours yet????????????

@ Jazz.. ever thought about replicating your "event this" model in Vic?

River said...

What a great idea! When I first read "bare branches", I thought, what the...? But then I read about the different seasonal decorations and now it makes much more sense.

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