5 reasons why Carlisle is better than Porter Davis

August 27, 2010

5.  The inclusions are AMAZING. Laminate timber floor is now STANDARD with the promotion in lieu of tiles, Semi-recessed basins & funky taps are STANDARD in all bathrooms including rail shower heads & a dumper PLUS rail shower in the ensuite.
4.  When thrown a time consuming question to answer, our CLE (client liaison executive) let me know that she wouldn't have a result until the following day - as in she emailed after 5pm and let me know that!
3.  The range of options is 200 times better than PD. They have colours other than brown on offer, two brick suppliers, and the upgrade prices are 50% of PD prices.
2.  There's a spa in our ensuite and it wasn't an UPGRADE.
1.  The girls at Spectra (colour selection centre) ACTUALLY know what they are talking about, are incredibly helpful and seriously love their jobs.  When we went for our colour browse, they roam the floor in between appointments offering assistance.

We cancelled our PD contract about 6 weeks ago and the refund cheque turned up on Wednesday after 4 requests.  To date we have not received a breakdown of costs that they have withheld from our deposit, but in their defence, we have only asked for this 3 times.

I am loving this experience so far.  Carlisle Homes - you get the big tick from me!!!

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Janine Kimberley said...

Reinsey, Went and checked out your display home today, absolutely gorgeous, I love the master bedroom and ensuite, and you have so much living space out the back, the kitchen is fantastic!! The bedroom wing just makes so much sense for your family - this is definitely THE house to go for. Met Kylie at her house today then we went out for coffee - lovely lady, can't wait until we are all settled in!!

Andrew said...

Good to hear of your experience!

Join the group of Carlislers! We had a pretty smooth building experience - Atlantique (37 squares) in 5 months.. which is unheard of.

Best of luck with your build! BTW, who is your CLE?

Reinsey said...

@ Andrew
I haven't come across anyone who has had a bad 'carlisle' experience so far. Were you happy with your build? Our CLE is Carly. She's young, but seems pretty switched on and communicative.

@ Janine
Ha ha - so you give it the big tick too? It's such a beautiful house. Very very lucky girl I am.

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