Colours, colours, colours

August 24, 2010

Yep, you guessed it.  We're off to pick our third lot of colours on Thursday, but this time it's Carlisle style!

We've decided to go with one of the "freebie" facades and jazz it up a bit.  

And colour-wise we're thinking charcoal roof tiles (Monier Barramundi, traditional profile),  Austral "ash" bricks, stacked stone to the front projection in those nice warm rust tonings (I think it's called Delhi Bronze), Jasper windows and garage door, a burnt orange render or rust effect cladding on the portico and possibly a stained timber pivot door.  Gutters in "ironstone" to match the roof.  Fascia in Sufmist, mostly to give definition above portico and projection.  Downpipes either Jasper or Surfmist.

The big question... to render or not to render?  Although the bricks are light (with white and rust coloured flecks which you can't see on the image), would a solid, light colour provide a nice contrast against the stronger autumn tonings?

How can it be so difficult to combine two people's tastes into something that won't make people point and laugh (or gag) when they walk past???

One thing I do know for sure... our colour consultant is in for a pretty torrid day on Thursday.  Maybe I'll fake a sickie (and go to work) leaving Loz to do the selections?  Good plan???

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