A cushy job

October 27, 2011

I've been collecting green & brown cushions for a couple of years now (I know Janine - why was I having an orange splashback???) and they're all sitting happily on the family room couch.  It's not that big a collection, coz it's gotta be juuuust the right green.  You know??

10 bonus points to anyone who noticed "Ramsay" in that last collage.  He fair dinkum poses for the camera.  Complete dag of a dog :)

Bit of a fan of this room.  Just need (to agree on) some artwork for above the couch and fix my own artwork on the fireplace wall (that painting tape NEVER gives me a clean edge) and it's done!
I love living here :)

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Debra said...

Gorgeous collection.....
just the right 'green' everytime.

Ramsay blends in nicely too!

newbuild said...

Beautiful combos...love the serene green:)

Yam said...

Very nice. Nice photos too.

Janine K said...

You will never live that orange splash back down !!!

A great work in progress, it's nice to shop around for cushions and pick them up as you see them !

Your house has something different and new each time I visit. Great work.

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