Afternoon Tea recipe for the domestically challenged

October 25, 2011

Take 1 quick trip to the local bakery
Add 2 fellow chatterboxes
Plus 3 cups of coffee
and settle in for the afternoon

It just doesn't get much better I tells ya :)

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Debra said...

That looks like it was me?!....and it was delicious.

Company was OK too.

Janine K said...

You undomestic goddess you, it was bloody marvellous my dear!!!!

I come for the company not the food, the company is fantastic!!!!

Maybe I can pass on some cooking tips when I get there in 6 weeks!!!

Bring on December.............

Reinsey said...

Absolutely it was you Deb! I wouldn't go to alllllll that effort for just anyone ;)

Reinsey said...

Thank God Janine. It'd be an empty house if anyone DID come for the food I tell ya!!!
Sweet of you to offer me cooking lessons. I doubt I'd get through the first round of Masterchef.. ...Junior!!! Tinned spag on burnt toast anyone???

Debra said...

Thank God for Bakery's or Janine's Mixmaster.

Trace and Nath said...

You are a clever girl with your decorating. I need to get back to working and earning money so I can go out and splurge on some bits and bobs....wish I was back in Aussie to do the splurging though not anywhere near the choice here in NZ.
Wonderful job your pictures get better and better...very inspiring!

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