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September 4, 2011

We've been having a lovely time getting to know our house - it's light switches, how it lives, which windows to open when the wind blows a certain way.  It's been really fun :)

Our shutters were hung to the front windows on Saturday morning;

Dining and family rooms are coming together - just need some more "stuff";

Still tossing up whether to paint the master bedhead wall in Jasper or leave it as is;

Front and side gardens are done and we're tickled pink, blue and purple with the look;

When we started on this "ïdea"all those months ago, I never imagined that it would be this good :)

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Janine K said...

All coming together so nicely!!! A home is still a work in progress, so no hurry to get everything done straight away, sometimes you need to live in it for a while to get the vibe from your new home.

Can't wait until we are in the same position, although that still seems so far away at the moment.

See, all those initial dramas and fears were not worth the effort, what you decided on is just beautiful!

Tash said...

Wow Reinsey you guys have an amazing home, love love love the shutters these are the ones i would like in our front bedroom, who did you end up going through??And love your feature walls in your bedrooms did you do them yourselves??
Your garden is so amazing one of the best in the Avenue, along with Debs of course :) We went past yesterday when we were down!!Like Janine said i cant wait to get to this stage so exciting!!

PuzSol said...

I love the lime colour in the spare room, and the way it ties in with the light - just brilliant.

Glass sliding door to the master bedroom, now who's all like a resort?

I think I would paint the master bed-head wall, though what colour (probably dark/warm) or effect I don't know... I would be tempted to do a metallic effect (though my wife tells me those soft of effects, suede, pearl etc are out of vogue now). I would pick metallic or pearl as the shine would compliment the mirror a little.

The other thing I would be tempted to play with is that our friend gave us a photo frame for our little girl's third birthday - the front is painted an yellow-orange, the sides (and inside where the glass is) is painted a complimentary red-orange. So I would play with the idea of painting the shelf part around the mirror one colour and the front another colour.... of course it could look hideous and make it too much of a feature (I'm no interior decorator), but it looks nice on the photo frame.

Lovely house, nice when the garden grows up a little - the rocks dominate at the moment, but give the plants some time and they will take over I'm sure.

Once again, thanks for sharing.

Adam said...

It looks awesome Raels, everything has come up really well.

I think definitely paint that bedhead wall something. Is jasper the same colour as the feature wall out front?

Yam said...

Looking very cool Reinsey.

You might be already visited this site. Most of the CH feature walls are not Dulux but

A and A said...

Definitely have my vote painting or having a wallpaper for the bed head wall. and ohhh so love your front landscape....very inspiring :)

Debra said...

Shutters look fantastic, love them.

I think a darker feature colour on the bedhead wall would look amazing with the back drop of the mirrored robe peeking through...says she who can't decide on what colour mine will be!!

And your front is all lit up and good. Bet you love driving home.

Reinsey said...

Tash... Come in for a chat next time you're down, although by the look of your place this morning it won't be long til you're in. Sparkling windows!!! And it looks like next door has started building so you won't be alone!

We went with Debs recommendation - sharons curtains and blinds in dandenong. Good price and great quality but long wait!

Yep, we painted the walls. Love painting :)

Reinsey said...

Puzsol... Good idea on the metallic paint. Hadn't thought of that! Maybe bronze to pick up on the splaskback tiles. Thanks for the suggestion :)

Reinsey said...

Hey there Ads... Jasper is the brown in Glens room. First pic. Hard to get a good image of it though!

Reinsey said...

Yam... Thanks for the suggestion. I love those feature walls in Carlisle displays. Didn't realize they were porters. Ta :)

Reinsey said...

Deb... you're back!? The furkids have missed running into BonBon on their walks. We might have all missed you a little too :) Have a great time???

Debra said...

Fantastic time - home yesterday afternoon. We're both wondering where our cabin steward, around the clock restaurant and entertainment has gone!!!!!..ship life so suits us.

Bon survived the Bachealor Pad, happy to curl up on our bed last night - not letting me out of her sight today.

How's the fence painting going? our next big job once Mr. Engineer finishes the deck (lets not go there).

Pleased with shutters? worth the wait as they look fabulous and the front landscaping; a million dollars.

Reinsey said...

Deb - I want to hear all about it. Think it's definitely time for another girls on the avenue dinner - but I'm sure I'll bump into you on a walk sooner rather than later :)

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