The daily commute

September 7, 2011

We now have a considerably longer trip to work every day.  I say "we" although Loz and I don't work together. The old boy drives my company car to his work and drops himself off.!  Scared of me being behind the wheel...totally! Then I finish off the journey, so from door to door, on a good morning it's 1.5 hours. Not complaining, just saying it how it is.

I'm not the greatest of passengers (or drivers, obviously) so at about the hour mark I get really restless and just wanna GET OUT OF THE FREAKING CAR.  So Loz (he's so sweet) and I have been playing a few car games to mark time.  We've started playing "what's the person next door doing" and oh my god, you wouldn't believe what some people get up to in their cars. 

So far this week we've seen people;
Putting on mascara (it's okay, was a female) but not at traffic lights - at 80kph on Princes Highway
Reading a novel - also at 80k

A VERY short woman who seriously was looking between the steering wheel and dash
Several full on arguments
About 12 different versions of people being up to their elbows in their nose

But the MOST entertaining part of the morning drive is when we meet the peleton on St. Kilda Road.  When the sun's out there's literally 100's of cyclists that are supposed t stay in their lane.  It's hilarious to see what they wear, but even more hilarious to watch the jostling for position at the lights to take front position. Anyone would think there's a yellow jersey on offer, but no, just another set of lights 200m up the road.  So as to not offend anyone I won't call them wankers, but seriously.....

And if that chick in the little black Honda that cut me off majorly this morning happens to be reading this, get f@#*ed. I mean that in the politest way, of course!

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Debra said...

Hey John's only happy someone else does it too!!!!

Where do all these people come from. Watch out for the 'zero patience' man in the Echo....seriously scarey stuff when wedged between two trucks.

PuzSol said...

You know, you're not supposed to look in other peoples cars! Like the lady who did a strip dance for a dare (game) in a pub then complained about her privacy being violated when the CCTV footage ended up on the internet; the car is a private space in a public place. The windows are like an invisibility cloak... or like a child closing their eyes and thinking you can't see them. Get it?

No neither do I

It's the families on holiday that freak me out - with the little girl in the back just staring at you blankly with this expression that just makes your skin crawl and wish for a reason to get off the road.

Cyclists - I heard that a race with a car during peak hour from Chadstone to Federation square that the penny farthing won. Jealous? Look on the bright side, at least they do less damage when you run over them.... and it can get a bit damp and windy in Melbourne to be outside (yellow jersey or not).

Gone are the days when we only had to complain about Volvo drivers... I miss those days... When can we be like mad Max and mount bazookas to the roof to take care of pesky drivers? sigh...

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